This blog has been moved to

Hello all followers of IvarsMore, the english version of IvarsMas blog. I only want comunicate you here that I have moved this english version of my blog from to publishing platform and have changed the url too. The spanish version of the blog remain in by now. Despite of the consecuences of this change, it’s has been a thoughtful decision, but with the change of the domain too, I think at the end it make sense do it now. If you want know more I have written about my experience on the process in this post: Migration from to, my experience.

As I want to count on your presence and I want invite you to follow me there as usual. If you use a feeds reader like Feedly, Flipboard, Lemonsly, or similar you can use the new url for english version: (and his feed url:, the new url for spanish version: (and his feed url: and my renewed personal website: Sorry by the inconvenients.

See you soon! 😉



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