Google’s War against Blogs

Google vs. blogs
Google vs. blogs

Although Google, as many of you know, was once one of those responsible for enhancing the blog phenomenon, acquiring and making it the first major platform in the world of publishing content in this format. He did it mainly because he was interested feed its AdWords advertising platform with thousands of websites where to put advertising outside its search engine with AdSense. Thus own advertising grew in volume, depending less on agreements with large headers media to make his business. He then created blog readers iGoogle and Google Reader, bought Feedburner, the feeds manager most popular of all, and even pushed Atom feeds standard to be accepted even by the W3C, etc.

But now from a time this part, particularly since Google struck him to create his own attempt at social network Google+, has not ceased trying to shoehorn its use all its users to deal with Facebook. This happens because the large social network and represents the next big threat to its advertising business, which in turn is still their main source of income, so Google has continued to do his thing, to destroy the concept blog, slowly, so use his social network. Let’s see how in a chronological summary:

How you see, Google gradually and almost silent, it is getting rid of everything that is no longer interested, and the truth is that despite still defend the innocent slogan: “do not be evil” is not in criticism absolutely follow a business strategy which is most profitable, of course. But it seems that this time, as I have said once, you’re really letting a global phenomenon, it will pass have a privileged role, if only because you align yourself with their interests at the time, to be almost an enemy public, by the way stop lying to users who both supported and confidence gained, and ultimately for trying stubbornly do what interests him, although not able to provide something new or better users.



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