New stage of the blog, redesigned and renewed hopes

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Hello again everyone here. What’s up? Hope fine .. do not know if many or few will follow still pending, I hope you to be many, and we can resume our ‘relationship’ where we left off 😉 . Some of you have asked me to return to write in my blog, and although I feel a little embarrassed by this silent time with no explanation, in the end I have decided and I’m back.

This period without blogging has been a bit of an ordeal for me because I believe innately that I always have something to say and social networks fall short, and instead, the blog is great. On the other hand, has been on sabbatical I needed to take, especially after a year to meet the goal of writing a post on the blog daily (weekdays) and in two languages: Spanish and English, ie 2 posts/day while I’m in front of AdLemons.

Blogging was something that was very comfortable, no doubt, and also the change of pace from daily publication to a post I proposed as a self-challenge was fantastic. Especially to keep abreast of everything happening in the world of marketing, the Internet, business and innovation. Because I liked being able to contribute and tell from my humble point of view, trying to add value to analyze the present, while trying to improve my English (it was tried ..).

But when you have several demands to play in your everyday life, you can do sometimes doubt that is what really is priority. And therefore, it’s time you do have to decide. And although the blog occupied me at most an hour and a half daily to very first hour of the day for reading, collect links, edit the image of the post, researching it and write in both languages. During the day, before and after this, I needed many other small tasks as: sharing the post, reply comments, review statistics, etc, and above all, a mental space that should have other more important pursuits, that is why I decided to make a break on the way to fully focus on what matters most: my startup.

Now I think it was a good decision, even though everyone did not understand it, and now I ask myself a new stage something easy, being the one to decide when to say something, and do not demand self-imposed publishing daily which on one hand has obvious benefits, but on the other, you have to know in what cases it is more advisable.

That said, just add that from time to time be around with new items and the new look of the blog, most current, responsive design really, without the usual sidebar (on which, incidentally, I have a post for publishing. .) and ultimately, I hope you like it.


One thought on “New stage of the blog, redesigned and renewed hopes

  1. You don’t need to explain anything. 🙂 We know we have to juggle many things in life. I have found that writing a blog in two languages does take more time, of course, but it is well worth it. By the way, your “new” blog looks great!


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