The turnaround from Static content to Fluid content

The turnaround from Static content to Fluid content
The turnaround from Static content to Fluid content

When blogs were born did something different from what we had so far, setting a date for online content, and inevitably that timestamp thus became its expiration date. So then that website, as time passed new content needed to stay alive and not look abandoned or expired.

Later, with the emergence of social networks, already adopted the concept of “newsfeed” as part of their own, from Twitter, to Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, and all have as main river provide continuous updates news or common in that elapses all at a frantic rate. But social networks maintain reminiscences of the past, with static content and page profiles or user as well as did blogging pages About the Contact and others. Although at present even in these pages almost static content are also incorporated with an expiration date that are our own updates.

But together with this, as we migrate to the mobile environment and although the computer social networks have their clear differences between them in the new place where everything goes at the screen reduced physical space issues, which is or what is prioritized at the end in all of them is the flow of information that we can peep at a time, which occurs almost in the present, just at the moment after share with us our contacts, publishing his ephemeral new content. What makes from mobile every day is more difficult to distinguish if I’m on Facebook, on Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr.

But this change from static to fluid, brings many consequences, the contents do not expect to be solemn, at least not the priority, prefer to be useful, original or shocking, although its impact and glory be punctual. The information published thus has a shorter life cycle, and more often need to be cool to take a moment from the timeline. The need therefore to be connected and filling this flow increase, and the more present you are, the more you are rewarded for it, in theory if what is provided is valuable, and is rewarded in the form of fans and community benefits that can be amplified gives us because our message, and may be visible to a greater number of user windows simultaneously.

One enters so in a race which seems to have no time limit and no effort seems to be rewarded as before, because every day the number of updates is higher and each individual service times inevitably reduce. This results in us mixed feelings, on one hand those who can not or are missing something if they are not always connected to receive their dose of momentary reality, and that in contrast, or saturation and infobesity or deny that technology and possible preventive addiction from the root.

And, to me in particular, I love living the times we live in, so effervescent, so dynamic and revolutionary, which occur so much in so little time, and in addition we know that each and every one of its details, whether the miles or differences separate us. And with that we test and daily increase our service capabilities and digestion of information. And in the end, is just another of many trend changes, you will have with winners and losers, or better said, the ones that suit the most optimal way possible to change, and those who fall by the wayside by not know better suit him.

What side are you and what do you think about it?


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