How to link to a YouTube video on a specific minute

How to link to a YouTube video on a specific minute
How to link to a YouTube video on a specific minute

Today I want to share a little trick to social networks sure you like me, ever happened to you that when you pass someone a YouTube video, especially if the video is long, you need to tell that particular minute or moment is the interesting part or we want to see do not have to see it all to see what you want to see. Or maybe you want to post it to share on social networks, but want to know that they can save half of the video, and go to the point that you think is worthwhile.

In these cases, we usually put the link and then add something like: “this is the link, look at minute 12:32” and the other person has to go to video, and once there forward the video to reach the minute you’ve mentioned, but according to people and according to cases, such as if we link from a blog post to be read by our readers, or if on Twitter that there is less space, can be somewhat cumbersome or difficult this explanation if not speaking of a person not too expert in these matters the Internet.

For these cases, YouTube has a much easier way to link video and simplify the task, so we save work to the other person or persons and do right where we want to go from home, without saying more instructions. The functionality is just the url parameter: t that if we add it to the end of the normal or shortened url to the desired start time, and in the following format, go get that video and start playing right from there .

http: / / www. youtube. com / watch? v = XG0m505n_WE & t = 4m50s

To do so, we have just as shown in the example add the video ID (the character who comes after v = …) an ampersand “&”, which indicates that another parameter is added, followed by a letter “t “and an equal sign” = “and then the minute video, followed by an” m “to indicate they are minute, and the second in particular the video, followed by a letter” s “to indicate seconds, all and unlike the example above, with no space throughout the string that makes up the url.

If any man seems complicated, to see him more clearly separate the parts and see the url, the question, indicating that the parameters start, and the two parameters with their values, separated by the ampersand:

http: / / www. youtube. com / watch


v = XG0m505n_WE


t = 4m50s

I leave you in full link so you can check how it works:

I hope you find this helpful the tip, so that when you needed, you can avail of it. It would be nice to see how to do it and if possible on other platforms Vimeo or Dailymotion style. Any suggestions or input?



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