Facebook could buy Blackberry

Facebook could buy Blackberry
Facebook could buy Blackberry

Lately not stop rumors out what will be the next purchase of Facebook, that if in talks to acquire mobile ephemeral messaging app SnapChat, if they was interested in buying Whatsapp or Waze. Now everything seems to indicate, as did know The Wall Street Journal last week that the new owners Blackberry, Canada’s Fairfax Financial Holdings, had a meeting with Facebook for a possible acquisition. It is assumed that Facebook intended to compete with Apple and Google in the mobile market.

If Facebook buying RIM (Blackberry’s parent company), would become a social network with key hardware leg, which would give a very large competitive advantage in the emerging mobile environment, after his attempt to Facebook Home, and similar to when Google bought Motorola (Although it was to defend Andorid to compete in patent war with Apple) or when Microsoft bought Nokia. In all, a software and services company acquired a manufacturer of mobile devices, with software not as powerful, or has not been so successful, and therefore confirms the theory of MIUI and Xiaomi CEO, saying firms on software services are those that succeed in this new order of power over traditional hardware as before.

But the Blackberry be purchased by Facebook, who would seem to be initial at a disadvantage:

  • Apple, which tends the ability to develop the hardware and software lacks the social network or a social layer, as has Facebook or Google.
  • Microsoft, which also has no such social layer, which has not yet unified their services.
  • Yahoo!, which although is going in the right direction, unifying its members socially, has no hardware or software mobile, at least at the operating system level, but if it is strongly positioned as a mobile player application level.
  • Amazon, which have the most important ecommerce leg, and his efforts in mobile with Kindle and approaches to Android and Firefox OS, with its marketplace, completely lacks social leg.
  • Twitter, which remains a powerful social network and mobile future, it does not seem to have much ambition.

And this fact confirmed, poses at home several interesting scenarios.

  • Backberry 10: Facebook continues with Blackberry company as before, develop and evolve its own operating system: the BlackBerry 10, which with a billion Facebook users, maybe some market share could get.
  • Android: Facebook using the ability to generate Blackberry devices, he can join to Android. But always be below its competition and would not be one more as happens to Samsung or LG. Unless you create a own version of the project as the company Xiaomi with Miui, but I think it is disposable.
  • Firefox OS: Facebook passes Blackberry phones to Firefox OS, being free to use an operating system based on the web itself, binding that I see great advantages and great opportunities to grow with no dependencies.
  • Ubuntu: Ubuntu is allied with, to make phones with his software, or directly using a basic version of Ubuntu on it to make their own smartphones compatible with it, but I think Ubuntu is not the height yet that alliance.

Of all the options, not including proprietary OS like Windows or iOS, or minority as Bada, etc, I think the first alternative is the more probable, because Facebook has always been in favor of “walled gardens”, but the option of Firefox OS I seems the best of all towards the future, to join a standard project that would benefit himself eventually, to be based in its own essence, that is the web. But only time will tell if this transaction is finally closed, and if any of these options makes sense.

Opinions? Does anyone dare to say that you think will happen in the end?



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