Notegraphy, the Instagram for texts

Notegraphy, the Instagram for texts
Notegraphy, the Instagram for texts

The title of the article perhaps may seem somewhat simplistic, but I think it perfectly describes comparatively this app so cool and original. Furthermore, the invention is of Spanish origin, namely: “Made in BCN”, led by Rafa Soto and Cooper Marzban which is its CEO, and was one of the founding team members of eDreams.. And it’s no wonder that soon reached a large impact appearing on blogs as AppStorm, LifeHacker or WWWhat’sNews.

Although I do not know for sure, I think it’s probably Notegraphy was inspired by the success of Instagram, and so cool how they managed to make its use any normal person look like a professional photographer, creating great pictures in question of seconds without any technical knowledge. Because Notegraphy get the general public to get text edition to create small works of art typographical “memes” or quotes with fonts and backgrounds with spectacular results worthy of any graphic designer or artist.

They are not alone in this type of product today, I have seen things with similarities, but recognize that what little I could see of the app is impressive, so well done and well executed it is, and how easy use and make you want to start making our own creations and share them.

The templates that are easily applied to get great results have been created by a cast of interesting and varied artists, we can check on their website. Mainly combine graphics with fonts, but you can also find photographs of letters to the background and the initial letter, which are truly original. You can explore the notegraphy’s existing a bit before you start to see the results that are obtained.

Currently only available for iPhone and web, but I think you should try it. Feel like notegrafing? Already the’d tried? What is it that you liked the most?



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