How to call someone’s attention through social networks

How to call someone's attention through social networks
How to call someone’s attention through social networks

Social networks and the Internet can bring people together, allowing reach those who would otherwise be impossible, but in some cases, direct contact with someone, even being able to do so, it may not be the best approach and less on networks social. I will not give reasons, may be very different, and have very different purposes, both commercial, personal, professional, etc., that depends on each.

That these actions can spark the interest of someone and get them to take notice of us, and I insist with the “can”, because it is not guaranteed, does not mean in any case they are for that, or if ever receive from other person, have to be precisely that goal, but as can be worth for it too, and it does not hurt to know well the secondary connotations that entails a simple social action, we will see them in some of the most popular social networks:


  • Follow: When you follow someone, your avatar will appear in paragraph Connect, and people often consult that paragraph, so he probably will see us, and discover through the fellowship, and perhaps with some luck, if that is our intention, this person we return the follow.
  • Retweet or Reply: Both actions get the same as above, the user receives a public notice in paragraph Connects see that we did it. The difference is that in addition to our followers advised of the fact, so as cases we take this into account.
  • Mark as Favorite: When we want to draw the attention of a user silently, ie no one but that person and we are aware of this action, we can use this option, because if you mark a tweet as a favorite with the star, that person will receive a notice that you’ve marked like a tweet, but other users will not see it unless you go to our favorite section of our profile.


  • Like, Recommend, Comment on update: The user will receive a notification in the top bar and you will see his contacts and yours, in fact for the simple fact of giving that action, your update will grow in visibility and popularity.
  • Like fan page: In the case of I like the fan page, the user must be the main administrator so he receives the notification, and it only appears to him to enter as admin, and the other followers will see, unless they are also friends of yours on Facebook fans page.


  • Recommend, Comment and Share: To make a comment, share or recommend in one of its publications Linkedin, if more people also receive notification like him, if in addition it will recommend or share what our fans.
  • Follow company page: Not only does not alert the person administering it is posted on the wall to all your contacts, so knowing it may be better for other uses.
  • Follow personal profile: Reserved only some users considered influential by Linkedin, but I have no information on how it behaves at the level of notifications, I guess not so outrageous alert, but not let them live with so many.
  • Visit personal profile: With the unique feature of Linkedin to notify the user that has visited his profile, if you have not configured an anonymous, you can find someone you just visiting your profile, and who thus receive a notice advising you of your visit. [ADDED]

  • Follow his blog on WordPress: if you have an account in can follow someone’s blog, and this will be notified, and if he puts only visible followers widget will be seen your avatar, but nobody will see it, and will only be anything left between the two. The notification comes either via email and in the top bar.
  • Like on post: The likes of using the star symbol to represent, and is the most public, because even depend on the template you use, usually to show that we like the particular post attaching the end of the article our avatar, and the author is notified as well.

Sure you could expand, here only at the main social networks, so I encourage you to help me with the comments if I leave some to believe interest.



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