All that’s left to do after writing a post in your blog

All that's left to do after writing a post in your blog
All that’s left to do after writing a post in your blog

If you have recently encouraged to start your own blog and have started writing your first articles, presumably when publish them after the effort: having great blog on design, content and other work, expect to get in return a response immediate audience people commenting, sharing your posts and all that is expected, but probably not been well.

And it turns out that writing regularly in your blog, considering all the guidelines and tips that we discussed here ever since, is just the beginning. And I do not mean to discourage. Instead, before we begin to understand and become aware of a blog is a project mid-long term you need at least one year to settle and give their first fruits.

We must bear in mind that if before just write with some regularity was enough to get and keep our community and make it grow, today there is much more work almost mandatory, because the blog, despite being the focus of our online presence, you need rest so undisputed social media such as social networks, to expand the scope of our content and our post which also share and discuss content.

Because once published the post, you have to spread it, that if we use WordPress and Jetpack or any automation tool can simplify this task, at least in part, also have to manage comments from the same blog, approving or denying, answering what we are told in them, respond to emails related to the blog, to Twitter retweets or replys to comments received on the Facebook post, review statistics, and a long list that seems to never end.

We must be aware that although the blog should be a first step of our online presence, not the only, and not being aware of it we are probably wasting our efforts and their potential to convey to the public what it deserves have to say.

What is everything you do after publishing a post? Do you think a blog could work today without social networks? What networks do you think are the best companions of a blog from Facebook and Twitter?


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