Internet ad spending depending how you look

Internet ad spending depending how you look
Internet ad spending depending how you look

If we read this news Hemerotek, says:

“.. The publicity ‘online’ will host an investment of 171.000 billion U.S. dollars in the 2013, an increase of 3.6% over last year, or about 6,200 million more than in 2012 …”

We clearly understand that there are increasingly investing in Internet advertising, as it actually happens. But if we read this other news GurusBlog the same day, with the headline:

The inexorable decline in advertising revenues of newspapers in the U.S.

Also be sure, seems to contradict a bit.

Then .. Which is it? Is there more investment, or less investment in online advertising? Definitely one of the conclusions is that even though there is more investment in online advertising, among other reasons is because every day more and more businesses work online too, because purchases are made every day more in this way. And with the rise of e-commerce, new businesses are born, that directly have the online medium as the only sales channel, and therefore, your advertising is online.

Not to mention that the investment made ​​in Internet advertising can: recording and measuring. And therefore always analyze and optimize improving the performance of continuously increasing in each investment return. Something critical in these times and that outside of this medium, it is rather impossible and speculations are available only approximate estimation audiences and far removed from reality.

One of the other conclusions we could get, it may be that traditional media such as newspapers in this case, and may not be able to live off of advertising and therefore that should seek alternative ways to finance, as some are already exploring some time.

Another, perhaps it would be that generalist information, each day has less space in this new field, the Internet, and the only one that looks set to stay after all, because the mainstream media have only as the sole alternative use Internet in order to survive making a total reconversion profound reality.

It turns out that in the net, the information of most value or most appreciated, and shared and Internet searches is the niche subject, because there is an issue decided by a television network in the form of television programming, or a cover editorially corseted, which all read first, but are users who decide they are interested, and they consume how and when. On the Internet I do not seek something like “secondary highway accidents of Huelva”, or similar events on television or in newspapers put you with a shoehorn, but the specific topic that interests me and I want to know .. be current, be professional, leisure, or whatever, and maybe it’s a drastic change to assimilate as fast as it is.

Also in this new scenario, with more investment in online advertising, as commented in Hemerotek, no investment is reflected equally in the online version of the traditional media, but decreases as GurusBlog says, because every day the media is not traditional, such as blogs, social networks, apps, etc., so that they once had a monopoly on advertising investment, they are forced to hand the slice the more agents come into play, and they are less of the advertising pie, watching his role in income is replaced by advertising platforms that bring together blogs, or moving, etc., social networks like Facebook, Twitter, or search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo!.

How do you see your the issue? Do you think advertising will remain the largest source of income from traditional media in the future and that will again be protagonists of investment? Do you think that the general information is equally valid on the network or there are associated behavioral changes consumismos Internet as information and news?



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