Advertising comes to Instagram

Advertising comes to Instagram
Advertising comes to Instagram

Instagram announced since its official blog that from now in the next two months, we begin to see an advertisement occasionally in the feed, if we are in the United States. At present, the social network to share photos retouched filter that has surpassed 150 million active users, a figure certainly interesting.

The article also speaks of intentions to improve the platform with great ideas that are prepared in the room, but does not reveal that treated, but that they do need to do before your current sustainable business model, and apparently, as unsurprisingly, these revenues will come based on the ads. It remains to see how they are received by users, if getting a rejection will create the opposite effect, or if you really get to be sufficiently respectful and online with platform providing more value and achieving your goal.

They advance that such content will be video and images like any other user but in this case come from brands, it seems very correct. They add that the difference is that these ads are of brands that may not follow. Also we ensure that we will maintain control can hide the ads we do not like so we can provide the feedback necessary to improve the user experience.

Definitely an important litmus test, and more in a social network that has some special and demanding users, in which not forget that Facebook made ​​a big bet by buying the app/social network for a billion dollars, with the dual aim of one hand, to avoid a possible future opponent better positioned than him in mobile, and other mobile strategy to strengthen its own capacity and advertising in this new environment.

How do you think these ads work? Will they introduce them well and be well received? Will they get better results than the mobile Facebook feed?


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