Gracenote: Experience total synchronization with the second screen

Gracenote: Experience total synchronization with the second screen
Gracenote: Experience total synchronization with the second screen

Today I wanted to speak of Gracenote, a company that offers an innovative product that finally break the division and would provide continuity of user experience between different screens, such as television and mobile or tablet.

To date, or watch TV, or use the phone, and the closest thing we unify the two screens into one experience are similar apps like Miso and that allows us to chek-in, Foursquare style, on the content TV: movies, series, shows, telling our friends what we are seeing at the moment, what we feel, etc.. Or the usual Twitter hashtag that many television programs are beginning to be used on printed on the top of the screen to unify the debate on social networks, especially Twitter about what you are seeing in real time. Resulting in what they call the Social TV, and audience measurements in this way.

But one step beyond this synchronization between the two devices, would be the possibility that they were always synchronized, and may be mobile or tablet shortcut on TV what happens at that point is the channel that is the one we decided to see , and in that line this company has some suggestions.

Although started as a project Gracenote much like Shazam, which recognizes music to put to “hear it” offering returns the name of the song and group or singer and the disk or disks that contain, with very satisfactory results.

In the case of Gracenote, go one step further, recognizing not only music, but any content being broadcast on TV, and from any app can use its API / SDK automatically synchronize a television, with additional content in the iPad, or a program such contest, with its online version thereof for users to play in real time as the stars of the TV and interact with them, similar to Spain on Antena 3, with the game show “Atrapa Un millón” (Catch One Million on english) etc, the possibilities are endless and very interesting.

But I find most interesting: the reverse issue, when we put in the equation other smart device, such as the smart-TV from Sony that are computers, televisions, getting the ads shown on TV, take into account the user using mobile or tablet synchronized with these and identifying the user, and offering only TV ads that interest him. Simply brutal.

Another feature is the integration in cars which leads the music experience to another level with multiple applications both for recognition, organization, discovery and linking.

These options will definitely advance the way we’re going slowly seeing the technology in the home although arising from different and remote sources, and count them closer, in time and effort can go hand in hand and can get results really surprising.



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