How to leverage best articles for your blog

How to leverage best articles for your blog
How to leverage best articles for your blog

Of all the topics you treat in a blog, there may be some issues that arouse more interest than others among your readers, and even some specific articles that are much more popular at the time of its publication, thanks to the diffusion in social networks , and / or after the over time thanks to the positioning that gets achieved.

These articles, by topic, title so appealing, or be very interesting and / or useful, or all together, can be used to grow the blog, and convert a visitor sporadic (a paratrooper), one that see more than one post, or even a regular thereof (a parishioner). As in that memorable post of Julio Alonso.

IDENTIFY: First of all, we have to identify these articles easily in our blog statistics tool, is that of: My Stats WordPress, Blogger stats, Google Analytics or whatever we use. In any case it is very easy. Those who either from the time of publication are a resounding success, generating a large peak of a very timely visits, we can see clearly on a particular day and following, and also when we go to the detail of articles traffic that day, out of respect over others, or those with time, are a safe bet, because Google has liked and casually, in addition to treating a subject widely sought, almost no competition to speak of it. So there are almost daily visits to the same standing in second or third place of the most visited, near the post of the day, or sometimes even daily snatching its first position.

ANALYSIS: This can happen with an article: temporarily, or in extreme cases: Forever .. which will create a very unbalanced blog, in which most of your readers in its history are occasional visitors from search engines, and above only been interested in one or two of your amazing blog posts. So it will be a situation to be avoided or offset inevitably happens again to balance the blog.

Once identified these posts star, we see how we got to take advantage, as they are the most common destination for all content of your blog, and you work hard you will always be articles that stand out, and others who fall through the cracks, this is inevitable, but once taken, we can implement several strategies:

HIGHLIGHTS: Although we start from an imbalance we have to recognize that if this or these articles have been successful have some merit, we know recognize us or not. So if you are a successful case you have to give them hype and visibility on the side of the blog with a banner or the like and that people can see what we are able to write content that people like. Something that is also often reflected in the number of comments, and therefore attracts more people to comment and return to the blog.

LINK: When we have a popular post, is worth linking it from other posts, as we remember and is relevant, because this will improve its position, receiving votes linked from another of our posts, as well as user traffic without knowing the discover again. We also have to take into account the trackbacks that will make the link popular post, in this post at the end before the comments or between them display a link to the post that links to our blog, which will allow readers who just arrived to this post, find other related you’ve written later, taking users to learn more interesting content similar to what you like or to simply just read.

UPDATE: A post written once does not have to stay forever unmoved, sometimes we can expand or correct it, or because in the comments help us to improve it or because it has become outdated, in those cases, you can add at the end the word update and a date and enter new information, this will make old content be up to date and remains useful or even a link to point directly to the updated post a new article on our blog is updated with news such information.

As you see you can benefit substantially from a previous success, so do not despise their power. Would you have been helpful, happen to you more ways to make the most of our successes of the blog?



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