Twitch, the new trend of video games and broadcast

Twitch, the new trend of video games and broadcast
Twitch, the new trend of video games and broadcast

That the game industry is on the rise, and that is a gamble both present and future, I believe that no one disputes. And that even the rhythm going, it will be time to make another shadow of the pillars of entertainment that until now were leaders such as: film, television and so on, it is a fact.

Meanwhile down the road, arise phenomena and curious trends, at least for those who see them from outside (I had my time gamer, but now I can not say I’m right now in my main hobbies). Perhaps this is why business greatly surprised me the video broadcast platform Twitch, and social trends that drive new and evidence.

In Twitch video gamers record and share their games on live streaming their viewers and fans. Actually the project is a spin-off born of streaming video platform generalist, who has seen the opportunity in a growing niche and has given a new meaning to a specialized technology.

What I like about Twitch is that it brings together three clear trends today in a natural way: video, video games and the social. As people entertain and play well, we like to share, and the visual, and this platform provides the ability to share one of the hobbies of every day people. But not only individually to open up your own channel and broadcast live your game to a potential audience interested, but to keep it for yourself to see it later, and to improve learning from your mistakes or just enjoy reminiscing about your successes or embarrassing you in your ridiculous .

Another interesting point of the platform is in the macro events gamers where you can make these same actions, but a large scale with global audiences. Also at Twitch gamers who share their games, like YouTube with video bloggers, can generate revenue through advertising that is displayed in its broadcasts. A definitely incentive to want to be one of these players.

The project with over 45 million unique visitors a month, has already received $ 35 million in total funding, after the $ 20 million received awarded to grow their idea. And no doubt will give much to talk about, because it has no known competition, similar to online gaming platform Steam leader who has made good friends, integrating and allowing seen from Steam the games of other players, which certainly encourage to play more and surpass other rivals.

What do you think? Did you know or use already Twitch? If you knew What would you highlight it?



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