No one can beat this point the Google indexing capability on the Internet?

No one can beat this point the Google indexing capability on the Internet?
No one can beat this point the Google indexing capability on the Internet? [Image by CC]
Google is admired by many people for its innovation capacity and quality of its many products, but it still relates to its search engine, which for most is still synonymous with the Google brand.

If we become aware, Google has reached where it is today in large part because of its search engine and its Adwords advertising system, which for a long time has meant most or even all of their income, but today 15 years later still bragging about having the most valued and used search and nobody reaches.

After reading this interesting blog post: Diario Turing, leaving more than obvious something is absolutely true, the key to the success of Google, there was his much-vaunted algorithm with PageRank patent, but the implementation of it, getting index more web pages in its index anyone as fast, as well as arrange them in the best way possible to provide truly relevant results to users.

But I wonder, in 15 years which has recently completed the search .. Really nobody has been able to overcome such tracking capability, processing and indexing? Or is the technical world has lived so fascinated and overshadowed by a mysterious and insuperable algorithm or dared to question their ingredientsand even less its adjacent technology.

At the technological level, the most commonly approached this chimera impossible, might be Yahoo, finally in one of the worst decisions, withdrew its own technology, to use Bing, the Microsoft search engine in exchange for market by advertising both search engines, search engine yadex Russian, and Chinese search engine Baidu, respective leaders in their regions.

But still, it seems a little extremely competitive scenario really, where sure in 15 years there are people, organizations and technologies capable enough to deal with what two Stanford students discoursed to index information from the web for efficient. Really, I do not quite believe is that nobody is really able to challenge them, trying to do something better than them, because surely after so long you can make sure.

And alternatives like DuckDuckGo, of which I am a fan, tell us that although it seems impossible a priori is possible to compete against the leader and get yourself gap, even without proprietary technology that is most striking, because DuckDuckGo technology internally uses Bing searches and Yahoo. Perhaps this brave might consider offering more than just privacy and dare to create their own engine .. It would be fascinating, really, but I think by the time it take to see ita pity.

What do you think? Is not it time that you lose the fear of Google and its technology and best options out question their unwavering position? Are you in here that brave?



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