Two sides of Internet privacy

Two sides of Internet privacy
Two sides of Internet privacy

Advances in technology provide us daily undoubted improvements that benefit us all, but sometimes bring disadvantages associated with it, that as they are new, there have to be resolved. Internet is no exception to this, and the more advanced more information we are able to collect, manage and process in less time, making the wealth of information that takes new direction and provide new value to be exploited in many fields, and thus business because they are able to generate the use of this information, there are two opposing trends clear.

The first calls for not putting barriers to progress, doing all that is possible to always considering not anything stopping it, unless it comes an imposition of a state, or an superior entity, there are few, or that the public becomes a nuisance enough and finally a crisis causes economic losses to the company.

On this side, would Google at the head without hesitation, but followed closely by Facebook, or even some not so visible as Foursquare, or anyone with rotating advertising or retargeting as the basis of its business model, which Internet, are the vast majority.

On the other hand, would be exceptions like the DuckDuckGo search engine, Whatsapp messaging app, and some other that comes to mind now, that are committed not to sell the data of its users, and even directly nor register, as in the case of this search engine. But as a true fighting Goliath with which it seems to have lost the battle, against all odds, grow and grow every day without stopping. And that cases like the recent case of espionage PRISM, orchestrated by the NSA belonging to the U.S. government, only serve to help raise awareness of users.

Third-party cookies are just the beginning of a much more delicate topic, and as someone who works in the advertising world, which in the past has worked with data from high-level security, I believe I have a broad view of issue, but nevertheless, it does not generate more than questions and contradictions about it.

Because data and information once stored, are relatively easy to put in value after processing, and depending on what information can go from being anonymous data, data which is not so anonymous, in ways sometimes very simple, so we should not take so lightly these issues believe that privacy is something as trivial as the ex-girlfriend or family to see some pictures of us on Facebook, because that’s the dumbest thing can occur, compared with these data, which currently already shared and exchanged commercially, such as changing cards, come the day the high-level data security such as health, falling into the hands of insurance companies, or ideologies data in the hands of extremists, or someone with intentions nor even occurred to us.

My intention is not to be alarmist, am and will be an advocate of progress, science and efficiency benefits of progress, but we should have seen the consequences of self-regulation mechanisms or some other type that would prevent good return against us. Because with the current capacity of current certain companies and their lack of scruples do not know how we will be able to manage everything that comes, so we can only hope that is the best possible way, and be vigilant and alert to any possible danger , but sometimes everything can start with oneself, supporting for example a search engine, instead of another. I’ll leave it there the proposal.

What do you think of this topic? Worried about privacy? Do you do anything to protect you? Or do you think there is no way we can escape this maelstrom and no big deal?



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