Microsoft buys Nokia

Microsoft buys Nokia
Microsoft buys Nokia

Today has finally confirmed the purchase of Nokia by Microsoft for 3,790 billion euros. For many, this was most welcome news, since Microsoft executive, Stephen Elop went on in 2010 to become CEO of Nokia, and left his own operating system: Symbian on their phones, in favor of Microsoft’s Windows Phone.

And it can be analyzed from many different angles, first we need Windows Phone, the third mobile platform giants behind Android and iOS, will have a competitive advantage to look a little closer to Apple, being now hardware manufacturer as well as software developer, and therefore, no doubt this will bring many benefits to the Windows platform. A platform with this reinforcement is expected to grow and improve by making a worthy competition to the current duopoly, resulting finally thanks to competitive, benefits for all.

At the same time, the movement reminds us inevitably to the purchase of Motorola by Google, since starting from an operating system used by several manufacturers, (being the software creator) did not produce and then goes to buy a manufacturer and compete with their own partners with manufacturers of mobile operating system.

To those who always criticized and did not understand Nokia’s decision to bet on Windows Phone rather than Android to replace your OS, its CEO Stephen Elop then and responsible for the decision, has now declared that bet on Android because I had a clear winner among manufacturers, as we have seen has been Samsung, and Android to join and follow, it had always been lagging, as has happened to HTC. Instead of Windows Phone’s hand had quite a way to go.

What has not said Elop, is how much he influenced his previous relationship with Microsoft, or whether as some even argue, he and his arrival in Nokia were a Trojan horse to take over the company, as it seems. Especially because despite that since coming to Nokia has managed to keep the company afloat, with painstaking adjustments and restructurings, the amount of the transaction, has been finally a bargain price, even lower than that paid by Skype. And as speculated, as a reward for the move perpetrated, Elop may in the future become the successor to Ballmer as CEO of Microsoft.

In the air is if Nokia brand definitely eventually disappear, or be used even for a while as it seems that Microsoft has reserved the right, and somewhat logical given its good brand perception, because the operation has not been purchased 100% of Nokia, but its handset division and business services. As the parent company also will continue to use the mark for such activities.

It’s a shame to see how the last major European mobile manufacturer has just undersold. But seeing as it has developed all these years, once arrived late to the smartphone market, has been one of the most worthy outputs could have. By Microsoft has been a masterstroke and the few that could give you a place in the future scenario, now with more options than ever have had and confirmation that the business is in services, not in manufacturing.

What do you think about this move? Who do you think is more positive or negative?


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