Convert Dropbox into your new CMS and web hosting

Convert Dropbox into your new CMS and web hosting
Convert Dropbox into your new CMS and web hosting

Sure you all know what you use Dropbox daily to have all your work files, personal and other, hosted in the cloud, and therefore at a time synchronized everywhere in real time, but I do not know that you are waiting for try registering here.

If you already have a Dropbox account, surely this will seem weird apps that convert popular file sharing service, a web content management system, or the replacement of a basic hosting, ideal for static web pages. As limitations do not allow you to have databases, and therefore we can not install the typical CMS, such as WordPress, Drupal or Joomla, but for many cases it is not necessary, so we will see two options: Accessing your Dropbox account, with this app you can choose a subdomain: or register a new one and point here that directs one of your Dropbox folders. In that folder, you’ll have saved static web page (HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc.) with images or PDF or whatever you need.

On the downside, because it lacks simplicity, use a template system own, and they offer several model templates you can just alter them a bit knowing some HTML, but it will be all you have to do, since the hosting management, domains and the other settings and headaches disappear magically, and even if your Dropbox account is free, use your space and you can forget the rest .. amazing, is not it? Very similar to above, with the difference that no new rules we must follow strict structures, or to learn a typed template. Because if you already have a plain HTML website, with copy and paste it in the folder you created within Dropbox, and will work perfectly and you will see instantly published. This if that love it me, really. Above see it practical to show another person temporarily in Dropbox web you in just a moment.

The limitation is that from what I have seen, can not point your own domain for now, but you always appear at the subdomain you choose: also can not use more than one subdomain as DropPages, and in this case, is more like our user rather than one page, and if we put more, and will each in sub-folders inside, type:,

Comment further that the automatic synchronization system Dropbox, we need not worry about versions FTP or nothing because what will automatically keep updated in real time.

How do you think you see may pose a threat to basic web hostings for its simplicity? Do you think Dropbox will like the idea and will buy or copy? Can you think of uses for these simple systems?



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