Blueseed, the cruise to avoid the visa Startups in Silicon Valley

Blueseed, the cruise to avoid the visa Startups in Silicon Valley
Blueseed, the cruise to avoid the visa Startups in Silicon Valley

If a project as spectacular as this one of Blueseed might make sense, or even carried out, somewhere in the world, no doubt that this site would be in Silicon Valley. The overall cradle of innovation and in particular the Internet, where there are as many companies and most important, in a relatively small area: the Silicon Valley in the state of California, United States. And where also are created most of the trends in technology, and expand to be adopted by the rest of the planet.

Therefore, the reasons why anyone with a global vision of your internet business will want to begin your project there, are clear. And when also meet many companies in the same industry: local and immigrant, is that it is time that the most valuable and most lacking is talent, skilled workforce to incorporate, and therefore need to be imported from outside, but in doing so, it turns out that he meets U.S.A. immigration laws and visas, as unavailable in some cases.

And that’s, that need so serious where Blueseed does this initiative to meet that demand with an alternative. A cruise ship permanently located at 25 Km from San Francisco Bay, right in international waters, for which there is no need to obtain a visa, and where they can live and work up to 3mil people, with all services imaginable, and the added ability to go to San Francisco for meetings or whatever they need with temporary visas, in a sort of taxi boats in less than 30 minutes.

Since then the idea seems daring, and poses a peculiar situation to management, with a change of laws could deter the initiative, but otherwise, the project will see much future. 1,000 people have already pre-registered interested and I do not stop growing interest. It also has PayPal and Google godfathers that provide a lot of publicity and notoriety.

We’ll see how the project evolves, but I think the less interesting, and an indicator that enough will to change the situation, unless they prefer that like this or similar initiatives proliferate in the area.

Do you think it’s crazy? or do you think a great solution?



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