Yahoo! surpasses Google in traffic in July (excluding Tumblr)

Yahoo! surpasses Google in traffic in July (excluding Tumblr)
Yahoo! surpasses Google in traffic in July (excluding Tumblr)

Yesterday we learned by the Bloomberg TV channel that Yahoo! surpassed Google (including YouTube) in traffic this July, according to ComScore data, making it the leading U.S. traffic. Something that certainly is a major milestone for the companythat after incorporation of Marissa Mayer, Google’s former directors and CEO, has managed to improve its position continuously. Both stock exchange, which has improved its valuation, in attracting new talent, as the incorporation of Spanish and ex-Google Bernardo Hernandez, as CEO of Flickr, among others, and has slowed the escape of which already had. And now in traffic as well, which will be an opportunity to improve their advertising revenue and thus regain his lost status.

But for me, among the most interesting of these data from Yahoo!, which admittedly took following with great interest lately, and if you follow this blog already know, is that in this data traffic is not taken into account the latest acquisitions one you could provide to enhance this figure, as is certainly Tumblr, one of the most trafficked sites on the Internet. As the forecasts are even more encouraging for the company when adding up the data from one of the largest blogging platforms, which in May bought for over one billion.

Also from what I could hear, these figures are not considering mobile traffic, where a while now are making huge investments to be part of the strategy, the company’s renewal by Marissa and where Yahoo! may highlight certain that soon too.

All that remains to be resolved by this giant to actually return to the position it once had, it is certainly to be able to monetize this massive amount of web traffic, for which Google, its nearest competitor, is, certainly more prepared and together with leading the search, now the domain of the marketing programmatic is what is causing their economic power against the competition.

Yahoo! is a brand that still arouses sympathy for many and therefore there are many who wait for their return to the scene of the great. Not to mention how healthy it would be for the industry than a strong Yahoo! offer a real alternative to the current monopoly. We’ll see.

Do you think really that Yahoo! shall break in results? o What will be in just a little exciting progress, but no impact beyond?


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