Different approaches in online markting strategy

Different approaches in online markting strategy
Different approaches in online markting strategy

When starting a business online or to improve their profits, depending on the marketing consultant or expert who you talk, you will get different opinions, something as simple as a priority for a business to start or to work better. For my work to be in touch with different professionals, both agencies and advertisers end of every size and condition, every day I have the opportunity to exchange views, and these make it clear that sometimes there seems to be so different approaches, and also probably as valid (due to performance), who seem polar opposites to focus one online marketing strategy. Let’s see.

TECHNICAL: On one side are those more technical, who see only the two factors together as cold and mathematicians: traffic and conversion, ie modes bring paying visits to our website, or for free, and the techniques to ensure that the total visits received has a higher percentage of conversion: purchasing, records or whatever web business goal.

Among the ways to bring traffic, taking into account the reference channels and direct visits and the actions to take in each of them to bring the more users the better. In the conversion can influence target segmentation, which turn our communication, and advertising campaigns to capture traffic for the person who comes to the site is adequate, and therefore fewer rebounds. Just as in the conversion affects the usability of the website that sells, for users who want to buy what they can do in the most simple and fast. But all treated in a way between statistical and distant, but marketing is not just science.

PRODUCT: On the other, are the product lovers who fully defend to generate a quality product is the absolute key to word of mouth recommendations that lead to new customers while we have achieved fidelicen. Thus, it seems that almost ignoring the need to attract new traffic, and also to come and end up buying, the internet business and work just is not so.

In this approach, takes into account the views of consumers, customer service, feedback collection, surveys, focus groups, and ultimately the people, and therefore, social networks and the buzz are fundamental to listen and improve the product or service. But obviate something as obvious as that on the Internet, you have to start sometime, and besides being good, have to exist in the mind of the customer, but will probably go with your competition, because they saw it first, or which is more present to them.

BRAND: But it does not end approaches, because we also have those who opt for the brand, the corporate symbol, colors, communicating values​​, conviction capacity, safety or identification with their style, or ideals that proposes, thus being a little outside the above priorities, as if things were dealt secondary.

In this case, the bottom is the image, communication, message, and as we transmit it, as we see from outside, brand consistency, and staying true to their core, using emotions to reach the heart and increase the engagement of potential consumers with the brand. All investment based branding and by all means, but not enough to be aware that from the concept to the fact, there is a stretch, and not connecting the two points, little will be achieved, and the results at the end, although some did not seem, are the goal of any marketing strategy, including the branding.

And as you see, although each has its share of reason we will be able to put aside our individual preferences, and understand the business as that part of each of them is the one that is actually more of a priority as appropriate and the situation, because not everything is for everything.

Have you identified any of the sides? Do you think there is always a high priority? Why not try to defend in the comments?



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