The effect “Hey, me too” in branding

El efecto "Eh, yo también" en branding
El efecto “Eh, yo también” en branding

By creating brand, one of the main activities to be performed once the brand has been created, and it is known, are the brand recall campaigns to hold it in place, because otherwise, the brand is forgotten and other competing brands directly or indirectly, to invest in marketing and be present, are remembered and ours not affecting brand image and future and billing accordingly.

When this happens, it is not easy to regain the original position, and usually have to make extra efforts to involve higher investments to achieve this. So consumer brands that are in daily use usually do a number of campaigns per year, and when they come down the pace of investment, sales are down, and then to avoid and stay, come back to do advertising campaigns memory of brand.

In other cases, the entire sector of a particular product type relaxes a bit, and stop investing in advertising during a period, it is not common, but it happens, that’s when the opportunity is one that even not being the TOP five or in the less large, with a campaign can gain positions among the most recognized brands and consumed, and leveraging the brand campaign is inadvertently getting position your product over the competition.

You can see cases of those few times, but do occur, and in these cases if it was a lapse together and the sector has the capacity to invest, as usual, makes an effort, and so do I call the effect: “Hey, me too“, and all brands arise suddenly filling television programming, billboards, Internet and all means of their ads, because the need to maintain sales and not being undermined by competition comes at a time, is planned to once and campaigns launched almost simultaneously.

This causes the potential consumer or customer is bombarded by advertising in a given period of time for various brands of the same product type, and suddenly become present for the individual use and consumption, but on the other hand, when the decision to choose between alternatives can be complicated, because everyone wants to be the elect, but only one would be the end, that’s where the differentiation capacity is crucial.

Have you seen lately some effect “Hey, me too” in the media? How do you think that could be avoided?



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