RockMelt owned by Yahoo!

RockMelt owned by Yahoo!
RockMelt owned by Yahoo!

Yahoo! does not stop shopping, and already acquired 19 companies so far this year, being at the head of the companies that have made acquisitions this quarter of 2013. I’ve talked here and in some of them, like buying Tumblr by 1 billion or more recently Qwiki.

But Yahoo! has surpassing even the rhythm of the typical buying always big buyers such as: Google, Facebook, Cisco or Amazon, and it is normal, because it needs to regain its position in the market, because even others who came much later to the Internet business, such as the case of Linkedin, born in 2003, eight years later, his equal in market capitalization.

So what you are doing now Yahoo! is carve out a possible future for his wallet buying talent and technology to hit book, and it seems that unlike with buying or Qwiki Tumblr, where technology prevailed and social communities expanding in this purchase is concerned mainly technical talent, people who give back to the situation by distancing themselves from their typical profiles editorial content, and it seems that his strategy can be successful.

Marissa’s latest acquisition has been buying internet browser with social integration: RockMelt, for an amount between $60 and $70 million. As in May last year, was the Norwegian Web browser Opera, who was on the radar of Facebook, the social network so that could compete with Firefox, Chrome, Explorer and Safari on the desktop and mobile.

Now RockMelt, a web browser-alternatives, is in the hands of your competition, but not to compete in the world of browsers, because after purchase, RockMelt will be shutdown on end of August, but to incorporate their team, to Yahoo!, people capable of making innovative products especially in content sharing and mobile, which was what had become the browser.

As a personal contribution, I would say that what I lack in Yahoo! for your resurrection is complete after these interesting and risky moves (and do not know how long it will take to do it), is to create a “social layer”, as did another great ..who was behind in social networks business, or at least a hub of all their millions of users, including new Tumblr, Flickr, etc., beyond their Yahoo! ID, creating a joint and integrated experience for all its products.

So you have the feeling of being user of Yahoo! as well as you have to be a user of Google, Facebook, etc, and so you can enjoy the benefits that linking all services it can offer. I do not know if when I see these purchases, their intentions are the objective, but it may seem really saturating the picture now, with another social network, or social layer, I see no other way but natural and logical to one of the largest Internet .



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