Do you want a popular blog or an influential blog?

Do you want a popular blog or an influential blog?
Do you want a popular blog or an influential blog?

Since November 2012 I changed the pace of publication of a daily post blog *, by giving me the opportunity to write much more frequently, I could experiment a bit with what I write, to begin to find my style, what more “works” , the least, and I could validate a hypothesis in first person.

When you write on a blog, you can do it for many reasons, let’s look at a couple:

If the principal is to grow in audience and traffic to make a blog popular, whatever the cost, I recommend that in addition to addressing issues that you like, do keep an elementary level, and even talk to you obvious aspects, ie you try very very basic issues, and explain the easiest way you can, without forgetting the least, in plainer language you are able, and avoiding at all costs the technicalities and rare words. At best, if you use them, explain them, or will can dedicate a post to explain meaning, if required by a number of items to your understanding and development fascicles, provided educational and constructive tone.

In contrast, if you do not you care so much traffic and the masses, and have few users prefer readers to follow your blog but advanced profile. Seeking level content, in which no is talk of banalities, but is analytical, thorough review with criticism and one that explains the reason of trends, the core of today’s news from your own point of view, providing a different view and personnel clearly biased based on your experience and your own career path, but always current.

Each of the two approaches is totally opposed, and each of them is a path that leads to a different destination. The content and as focused, has the ability to naturally separate each of the audiences, so that in your hands is to do what you prefer, to get the public more interested I get.

The explanation of why this is so, it is very simple, this past week to us visited the office Fernando Muñoz, along with Miguel Lopez, commented the issue that from our perspective, there is a successful content that succeeds becoming wildly popular, being really nothing new, or that the usual account directly again and in a stunningly simple.

The reason is clear, and although this may be the way to look at it from the one in a while working in the sector, we can not forget that every day there are lots of new people coming to the Internet, setting up their first business, so each day there are new people eager to learn, to increase their knowledge in the field who have not, and therefore, this is the fastest growing field, because the Internet is information, and therefore knowledge, and by navigating each choose what interests you, and what other media could be repetitive, the Internet has no end, because it depends on the demand, which also is always growing.

Thus, it is logical that if we do simple to digest content, without the need for prior experience for first timers, we have a much broader audience assured that arrival, if on the contrary we write only a few experts. In fact, one of the most outstanding values ​​most popular content, at least at the professional level, it is to be useful. Because what is useful will ensure success of the post, because like that majority who appreciates and shares en masse, reaching more and more people.

On the other hand, if your content is intended to provide lighting in tricky and convoluted issues, most likely not be as useful, or not raise interest only to a few .. and even be able to change key people including opinions, open discussions or infer many views of relevant people, will never reach the mass, not to be appreciated by the general audience.

In conclusion, from this little blog, at least for now, and knowing both directions and its possible consequences, perhaps because of my past teaching, I want to continue to combine both, as far as possible. Because it’s like for now enjoy most, first as simple counting and trying to do it in a didactic and useful, while on the other hand, sometimes I get deep plan, trying to reel the topics that I find more depth, or more concern us in the field that affects me. Perhaps then, in addition to what I like, I get, or not .., I follow a mixture of both profiles, but perhaps it is somewhat difficult, but not intending to stay.

Do you what kind of blog you prefer and why? Have you come to the same conclusion as me or not?

* Except last Thursday that it was impossible, and I’ve 2 fouls with it in 8 months, if memory serves me correctly, he has not left the daily post for reasons of force majeure.., I hope you will forgive me, heh!



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