Bring out your Social Media, not your SEO

Bring out your Social Media, not your SEO
Bring out your Social Media, not your SEO

It may seem some bold statement, perhaps even a guru phrase, but it is a conclusion that I have more clear every day. The SEO is on the decline. Because every day SEO gives less, for the same or more work.

Google does it better every day to prevent cheating, and although it is evident that with each modification prevents cheating trick and earned him positions in the search results page, with each novelty introduced, reopens the door to new ways to seek tickling, but again it will only be a temporary thing that will shortly.

Besides its constant changes in their algorithm, make it unfeasible to adapt to their capricious decision every time. And if you do and base your success on it, the day that will update with name of the animal at the time, and your work, hours and investment will be lost.

With this I’m not saying completely ignore basic recommendations: quality content, url’s friendly, using keywords, etc., but the majority of these are as equally or more useful for social media that search engine.

At present, and unless you’re an obSEOsive, and you’ve only solely dedicated to SEO in your project, it is normal that you get the same or even more traffic from social networks and other blogs, and that is also better, and I’ll explain why.

When everything you do in your project is to optimize for a single agent, in this case the mega-search single omnipotent, when this change of rules you and all your effort will go with it.

However, with social media, where not only is there a single agent but there are many, many human beings connected sharing, and being a social activity, always depends on the people and their criteria and recommendations. Therefore, you will not be working for a single individual, who acts as an intermediary capricious, if you want to prevent you from reaching your audience, but you’ll be working for all your real audience, which in the end you all going to “buy” not matter you sell: content if you are a medium, or a blog, services, if you’re a startup, or a freelancer, products, if you are a store, etc..

So, as I said once in other ways, as you invest you get, so it encourages your social media, and not your seo and you will be encouraging yourself and long-term business, and not giving fuel to a intermediary, which over time and apparently seen going to bring little good.

And finally, just recommend you read this wrenching post from Mariano Amartino, where her experience after ban Google access to their blog, which will surely open your eyes a bit more what I mean.

You think it’s bold what I mean? Or do you think I have reason? If you have arguments for or against I like to hear.



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