Admit advertising on corporate blogs

Admit advertising on corporate blogs
Admit advertising on corporate blogs

The corporate blog advertising is a thorny issue that has arisen in more than one conversation, but although many would respond quickly and emphatically not, which is crazy to advertise on the blog of the company, actually based on my experience, their use is not as obvious as it seems, and make the final decision rather depend on circumstances that I will try to explain.

In principle, when you create a corporate blog is to have a blog to create a community around the brand, company or product / service, attracting and bringing together existing consumers and potential consumers interested in you and what you offer but not just to talk about your product, but to combine it with other content, so that even if yours touch very occasionally, the interest really draw him otherwise, and incidentally know yours.

In this context, to talk about your topic and what surrounds this, there will be multiple products in your industry, you will be left to you, or anything similar, can be a recommendation really useful for your visitors, that you even end up thanking. In that case, it may make sense to our blog hosting corporate advertising when the advertising is part of the thematic content you want to offer your readers and therefore useful.

With this, trying to say, that advertising rotary type: CPA, CPC, CPM, etc may not be a good choice to put ads on your blog, as each print, and depending on multiple parameters such as user location, navigation, etc etc whenever blog is displayed to a user, appear in this space an advertiser different from you losing control of the space completely and appearing there anything, even in the worst case, your direct competition.

This to me is not acceptable, unless you earn so little with the sale of your product, that those clicks you get more than the actual sale of your product, in this case, probably not get very far with your company, or in otherwise, you may be interested never put advertising on your blog revolving corporate merely because you do not control what is displayed.

Instead, fixed advertising, sponsorship, or also called: advertising CPT (Cost Per Time) with the possibility of moderation as offer in AdLemons, may be ideal, because you can get advertisers related to you, the audience very interested in your community, who are willing to pay what you want for the space, and the time it will be very interesting for your readers find your product on your blog. Also in that case, you can refuse if for some reason did not fit with your values​​, your interests, rubs your offer field or any other aspect, because the owner of the blog, you will always have the final say in deciding that appears for a month in that space.

Examples I’ve seen, are for example business of: booking restaurants directory, which in his blog announced a wine brand. A child grocery store, where it announces its corporate blog baby clothes spectacular discounts. A store of oranges with a corporate blog, in which a brand of juicers announced its latest innovation, etc.. The combinations are endless, we just have to allow the application reaches us by offering advertising area, so that when we get to decide whether we are interested or not in each case.

Thus, in addition to monetize alternatively the effort devoted to content creation, we will be offering related and relevant content to our user community blog followers. And in many cases when recruitment is not received for a month for a space, you can configure the ad server to display in that space our new products, current offers, or similar.

What do you think? Do you dare to put in your blog publication? Is there any exception that I have left? Do you know more examples that I have mentioned?



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