Review daily stats in your blog or business

Review daily stats in your blog or business
Review daily stats in your blog or business

I speak of this, because despite being something that for many is extremely obvious to so many, so I can see, it may seem excessive and unimportant, but I would like to explain some of the aspects that are letting the do not take into account day to day project data online.

The statistics that indicate the operation of the blog, or our online business, vary every day and every variation tells us and teach us new things imperceptible details otherwise, that allow us to draw conclusions. But you need to be to soldier on to understand the differences, and interpreted based on the experience we acquired its origin cause and consequences it will bring, to act.

When we do something different, you can be every day, or just something unexpected happens due to some external factor, this will be reflected in a number of analytical or business blog, and be alert and be quick to detect, we see it in time, solve the problem if it is, or promote it if we can benefit.

Sometimes, a change punctual and even almost imperceptible seen in a timely manner, may be the key to sense the start of a larger trend, and power to take action on the matter. Otherwise, you may be creating a serious problem and you can not resolve, or cost us much time and money.

When it comes to an online business, where users are logged, if X had registered a day on average, to 2X the next day, 5X to another, and so increasingly, if we see it right when it happens, we can see that: or been referred us somewhere, or we’re being victims of a spam attack users, or worse, so the time difference will be crucial to support or solution.

If we talk about a blog, and we see growth or peaks of visits, because we cited another blog, or website traffic or sudden drops by a search engine or a similar ban. These usually occur gradually, point exceptions, where we can do little, but even when these changes are gradual, if we are not continually vigilant on what happens, we may be missing a valuable opportunity to react.

Another thing to consider, besides the tendency of the hearing or records, are the sources of input traffic and the keywords for those who come to our site. If we look closely we will be able to tell what is in greatest demand in our online store, or are the most popular items, in a particular period, so we can learn from our business or site and to use it in the future or in a similar period, close to Christmas, summer, etc.

And if you look every day, we can see that marketing efforts are having the greatest impact and ROI prove to be a better investment. In order to invest where we obtain best results.

In short, take the pulse of our business or our blogs through daily consultation of the available data and the KPI that we have, is vital if we take it really seriously, because it is equivalent to be aware of who enters the store, the bar, or the accounts of the company.

And you you’re serious about statistics and analytics of your site? o consult your stats only from month to month?



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