Gravatar social profile of millions of users

Gravatar social profile of millions of users
Gravatar social profile of millions of users

WordPress is already a veteran of social media which this year celebrates its tenth anniversary. And with the passage of time has evolved very quickly and very well, to become ever less in: just a blogging software, and every day more at: a social network.

I refer not only to the open source version of, which BuddyPress plugins allows to add social networking features. I refer to himself site that hosts this blog and where they have counted more than 350 million users. Because even though you are not considered a social network as such, probably is at the level of Member Twitter or Tumblr, few differences.

Automattic, which is the company that runs WordPress, and view it as the platform to create blogs that is, is also very present progressively providing it these social characteristics, so, every time the more power since the creation of the now essential JetPack plugin, in which, among other benefits, get the blogging community bringing together open source community hosted blog, merging the two worlds of WordPress into one, making the huge resulting community, something very big.

But like every social network, one of the main elements are the user tabs or profiles, which in this case, Automattic, resolved with Gravatar, an invention that started being a way to put a face to the comments. Because when you register at Gravatar, associate your photo / avatar to your email, so that when you comment on a blog with WordPress, the system consulting your email address Gravatar coded and obtained the photo or image you wanted than display next to the comment.

Also, if you wanted to change photo shown, by changing the picture at Gravatar associated with this email, you changed all your comments in all blogs the world where you signed your mail, immediately. This system relates mail and photo is used by almost all Internet and in many cases exceeded blogs and many systems use it to save you upload the image, with the upload to Gravatar enough, such as do not go further in AdLemons for user profiles.

Gravatar This initially might seem a little innocent a project or unimportant, has grown to the point that in the same profile, vanity-url now included, ie custom url like Twitter or Facebook, you can put your blogs, your other social networking profiles, phone, mail and everything that comes to mind. I leave my own here.

So every day is becoming more important to consider, because if you comment on a WordPress blog, besides using that photo, if they click on your photo which will appear be your Gravatar profile, and although some are not even aware of their potential Automattic am convinced that you will continue to give vitamins to make it the closest thing to the social network of WordPress. Because the functions of following others, already now offers blogs from both hosted as open source, and we just need to finish connecting everything to end up with all the sense of this social network it deserves. Is not that right Matt? 😉

Your already have a profile at Gravatar? Have you got abandoned? What are you waiting to use it?


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