How to properly moderate comments on our blog

How to properly moderate comments on our blog
How to properly moderate comments on our blog

When I talk to people who are encouraged to launch his blog for the first time, either for yourself, for your company or for the institution in which he works, one common question that arises is: – If I have a blog, you need to have comments.., and the comments people can write anything! At that time some people panic and they come come all doubts and insecurities, because they believe that anyone with bad intentions can say and do whatever you want in the comments and thus might impair at a given time, and also without able to avoid.

As a result at first, some even take a stand and say flatly do not want to comments on the blog. What is totally inadvisable in a blog, and also for that you have the moderation of comments on blogs, which is optional, but highly recommended to enable, so that if we have a blog and talk about the world, and we want to hear what that the world tells us, we are able to maintain control by always taking our place on the Internet, and we can decide if a comment meets a minimum to accept or not to be published on our blog.

For this, properly configure the blog, and WordPress, which is the most widely used CMS, when creating a blog can go on the left menu to Settings> Comments, and I recommend having everything marked, except required to register to comment, since that you create a very large barrier, that even though some may get registered, if you are looking for, most will not comment, taking life to blog.

Specifically in the section: For a comment appears we should make the opposite as the default. That is, check: An administrator must approve the comment, and uncheck: The author of the comment must have a previously approved comment. So every time we receive a comment will be us as blog administrators only those who have the opportunity to decide which comments submitted are eventually published and therefore visible and which are forgotten.

Once properly configured the blog, comes the fun, become the moderator because not a trivial task, and more than once hesitate what to do, but to make it easy we set ourselves strict and clear rules for us and for our readers users the blog, so that there is no confusion or potential claims never to moderation.

So in addition to setting the rules, if we do not want to criticize for moderating a comment in particular, we should communicate to all who comment know for a fact that is supported and what not, because the blog is your home, and in it you decide the rules. For my part, I suggest ones that are usually the most widespread and best perceived by everyone, because they are based on logic and mutual respect.


  1. THEMATIC: The comment must be related to the post. (In this way, we avoid off topic comments that do not contribute to the topic of debate)
  2. RESPECT: Allowed constructive criticism. And do not allow comments that disrespect. (Neither the author nor of the page, and the other commentators)
  3. SELF-PRAISE: No pets advertising or promotional comments websites, products or services.

Maybe we could add a fourth rule almost NETIQUETTE, which are asked to be written correctly without spelling mistakes, no capitals, as it is considered a shout, and avoid language SMS and the like.

In any case, these rules and their implementation will depend on each person and each blog, but I think these are a good basis on which to start.

How do you see? Gives you a little more security to have this clear? Would you recommend other rules as basic or at least to be aware of?



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