The issue of generic names in online projects

The issue of generic names in online projects
The issue of generic names in online projects

When choosing the name of an online project, which is known in particular in marketing or branding as naming, there are rules, as be compressible, unmistakable, suitable for the market and/or target audience, whether local, national or international, etc..

But there are some conflicting theories to which we have to face, but basically they are as they are considered as priority each, will tell you some rules or other time as valid and tips the scales at all times on the most suitable .

When most of the online marketing seemed to be SEO because search engines especially liked the generic names in the domain name, so that it can offer when looking for the generic word used to be recommendations, finding the perfect generic domain, and also in the plural , ie for a car website, probably the best domain would be:, for holidays:, for a financial project:, etc..

But as I said, the market for domain names has been devalued, and what was once a priority, not only for the generic concept associated with the brand, but obviously for reasons of SEO and traffic and business accordingly, in the today it seems, by the latest changes of the algorithm, are called: penguin, panda or chimpanzee is not a parameter to consider your project to be in the name itself the keyword for which you want to find.

This means that if we seek courses page might not be the first result, and not even wanted to play with advantage in getting a better position in search results.

In turn, as it turns out that social media is booming, and in it more interested in highlighting for who you are and what you say, to be somewhat generic, since it is the opposite and therefore the last thing recommended.

Also, one of the most important activities in social media, where what counts is the conversation, where participation is talking about us. As far as marketing manager or directly from the project, we should be listening to what is said on the web, monitoring our brand to hear, or poderte serve you defend and provide answers to time, and not as yesterday with the Renfe on Twitter.

When our brand is a widely used generic term, and is part of the dictionary, is will be really difficult task, if not practically impossible to get to know when they talk about us or not. It will cause us significant time loss, we can only partly remedy if we always use the. Com,, Etc in the project name forever, and eventually, get that most users use it always well, but not easy to get, so it does not avoid the problem in its entirety, or over time.

So although it is unusual, what was always a recommendation, you can now become a point to avoid in order to best adapt to current needs.

Have you experienced I say in your case? Do you agree with him or do you think that comment is not entirely true? Do you think there is any point to add to the topic?



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