Qwiki Yahoo’s bid to deal with Instagram Video and Vine

Qwiki Yahoo's bid to deal with Instagram Video and Vine
Qwiki Yahoo’s bid to deal with Instagram Video and Vine

The micro-video-blogging (which, if there is no concept yet… I invent it now) is clearly a trend. A trend started by the service of instant retouching and photo sharing Instagram by Facebook, joined with the launch of Instagram video. When in this moment it was just an outstanding player, as was: Vine, bet of Twitter for instant multimedia world. But now it has added to the picture: Qwiki, a new competitor with few differences with the other two, playing in the same field and seems to kind of rival as well.

Qwiki was acquired by Yahoo! a few weeks ago, and is a purchase that falls within the strategy of its new CEO Marissa Mayer to drive back to the company, focusing on user content and mobility, and the truth that this project combines both respects. Although I do not know if the project was very successful until now, certainly with these godfathers have a great opportunity.

From what I knew before Qwiki, offered a simple way of making complex compositions web from searches of concepts from different sources to create a mashup and let you understand something or tell a story with it based on stuff you already have or Internet existed, but that route seems not reaped many successes, and decided to swing your model, until encouraged by mobile, getting to easy too since the phone do all this complicated process of creation and unification.

As we can see in the video, Qwiki is technically superior to the other two, not only allowing the use of video, but photos, add music, text, photographic filters like Instagram, and a whole host of options curious and apparently really easy to use. It only remains to see how it will be received by the users and how it evolves this great service.

What do you think about it? Did you shall give it a try? Do you think the loyal users of other platforms may be passed to these being that seems clearly more complete but with their differences? Or that directly will exist enough for your share of users?

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