How to increase the open rate and effectiveness in a mailing

How to increase the open rate and effectiveness in a mailing
How to increase the open rate and effectiveness in a mailing

The mail is still a key element in internet communications, as much as we predicted its demise several times due to social networks is still used widely, and is a way to send private correspondence more widespread and reliable.

For this reason, when we signed up on any website, we use our mail, so companies that collect such mail, keep us informed of new developments through it. But the sad reality is that commercial mails, ie, those who come from a company rather than a friend or known, have really ridiculous open rates, hovering around the 7 to 15% in the best case, but even so, are one of the best methods of communication with customers so that they know what you can offer them new.

We at AdLemons we had to go experimenting with time to increase the open rate, that if someone does not have clear, is simply the ratio or percentage of emails that users open from the total of what you send. As well as the CTR, ratio of clicks per email sent. So I would like to share details of how to optimize, based on our experience.

To increase the ratio of clicks:

Less is more: When we want our users are aware of something that is important to know, it is preferable to communicate a single idea in an email, which flooded with many items, options, images and information that confuse filling distort the message, or do remaining blur or invisible for the rest.

Template: Following the philosophy of less is more, instead of using a two-column template, as usual, you might like to try the one centered column, as we that has worked much better to focus attention on a linear.

Header: Many times you choose to add headers striking, to the newsletters, but if it is very high in pixels, forcing users to scroll, delays the moment they see the interesting info to convey, and they may leave and close the mail before starting to see some of what we want them to know. So do not be afraid to make a header right height, that does not prevent anyone left unread important.

Links: If you want to visit a site, article or whatever, must recognize that the link is a link and so that they can click on it, for that we should differentiate the css link not leave it in the same color text or even bold or underlined, so we made sure to be seen and identified, but again, if we put too many links, it will backfire, so that we reduce as far as possible and we emphasize.

To increase the open rate:

Audience: Not the same customers with a fashion store, or a nightclub or bar, a business with clients in the professional field. You get to know your audience based on your previous experience, and as receiving shipments according to statistics that have reactions. If you adapt your timing, form and detail to them based on that experience, you get better results. For example, in our case, we consider not saturate our bloggers, since they are an advanced profile and excess can be considered SPAM mails.

Debugging: When a user rejects the mail, mark it as SPAM, or directly bounces worth resending not anything, because in this way you will not have a sending in vain to reduce the rate of opening a mail database maintained is essential to be able to rely on a clear data that conform to reality. Of the emails sent, some can not arrive, and it is not delivered, by incorrect address because your inbox is full, because you have deleted the mail account .., of those given, not all will be open, or at least not be opened displaying the images, since some email clients like Gmail, by default hide the images of the post until I say otherwise, and that prevents us to know that has been opened, or translated into the rate, that mail is not taken into account as open and thus reduces the number of opened.

Sender: Instead of having the typical the sender with the name of the company, which may be the possibility of it being considered advertising by the user. If we put a person’s name, either the CEO or the marketing manager or one of the day, besides giving a more personal touch increased the open rate, because it is perceived as a person and not send a system or a corporation and is usually something more direct.

Time: Facing the weekend or Friday afternoon is a time, in theory, mailing lower saturation, especially of a professional, so it may be a better time for you to receive mail, you open more facility if the week when we get busy. Although the issue of time is always an imperfect science.


Experience: Be sure to try new ways, new ideas and possibilities, but do not take everything as final and irrefutable evidence. Validates each test as far as possible, do not trust what you see first, investigates possible deviations and misunderstandings that can distort the data. Gradually find a success rate greater than the growth and greater user base, will allow more meaningful experiments and getting better results.

Would you add any tricks? Did you find this helpful? Have you had different experiences? Share them.



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