The importance of internal links

The importance of internal links
The importance of internal links

When writing a post, if we link, enrich the content, although a post with multiple links requires more time one of only plain text, that reading enrichment enables better understanding of what we speak, because can expand what we say in a single click by going to the original source or article referenced site said.

But if in addition to link to our posts to other pages, we consider what we have said before about it in our blog and we refer to it, we will get some benefits.


Allow the re-discovery of one’s own past content to our readers, that them probably want, because at the time you posted did not read it, as is almost always occur.

Will increase the number of page views and therefore the consumption time of our blog, increasing the chances of doing so faithful and spend to get a customer to a member of the blog community.

From the articles that have linked to our blog, if a user reads, thanks to such information may extend trackbacks can see from where we reference and therefore can read everything you’ve written about it by completing the information to the fullest.

In terms of SEO, the search engine will find links that point to our post, but these posts are ours, also account for this purpose, because they force you to crawl back reviewing its content and perhaps also its importance in offering them to those who seek.

If we consider that the post we write are distributed through feeds, and these if interested readers can click on them, will be bringing loyal readers to our blog via feed.

Similarly, in social networks when we publish a post, if it carries references to other post our a simple visit can become multiple.

The Internet content are disseminated and steal and copy, or borrow, and before that little can be done, but if we have internal links to these articles be copied aim at helping us to our position at least.

How to put internal links?

An easy way to link in WordPress, is when we write about something we remember we’ve said before on our blog, we just have to select the words to convert into a link, click the link button, display the section: “O links to existing content “, and write one of the words we use either the post title or in the body of the article, the more single best way that the results of that search can choose the item you were looking for and clicking relates to the selected words, obtaining an internal link.

Extra Tips

I recommend to look back, always before publishing a post, because as blogs usually speak only of one or two subjects, it is very likely that many times you may enrich the content with another article written already.

It is better to aim for a post itself than a tag or category, since we will be indicating more concrete, although other options are valid.

When links to your own blog, do not need you force to open in a new tab, that I at least save that for external internet sites.

And you how you use internal links? Did you find the collection useful, or add anything to most, from your experience?


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