What to do if your blog growth stagnates

What to do if your blog growth stagnates
What to do if your blog growth stagnates

When you start a blog, once you have defined a specific topic, a unique style with a proper template, and create a brand and an image that defines to it. And even if you take it seriously and write trying to make on each post, with a constant and assiduous, also, you create your Facebook page and your Twitter profile for the blog, etc., may come a time in which observe that for some reason you came looking growth in the early days, and even in the first months of life, I have peaked continues to grow, it stagnates, or even in some periods even trending lower.

That does not mean that your blog does not have potential, it probably means you’ve got where you could get doing what you do now, and as the phrase:

To achieve something you’ve never had, you must do something you never did.

If we get different results from those obtained, we have to do different things than we are doing now. I recommend that you check everything done, to see if anything can be improved.

For my part, you have some options, such as:

Write guest posts: The main reason that a blog is stagnant at the beginning is because it has come to surround their immediate market, which is reached by adding our friends / contacts and the contacts of these, so it is natural that we circle surrounds, but then in order to reach a different audience, we can collaborate on other blogs, to encompass other audiences, and guest posts, to us allow this in a simple way, writing an article as usual, but in the blog relevant, another person, as a guest, and making a reference to us and our blog, so if you really like our article can come to discover.

Register in thematic directories: But not just any directory, it would be recommended the most relevant, the most used of our niche, where more public there, so give us high to us suppose expose different potential audiences. If the directory besides enlist url also acts as a hub for news, and subscription allows members, all the better, because then you can get new subscriptions to your blog and grow.

Comment on other blogs: A subtle way of getting caught is not only blogging but also read other blogs. I guess many will seem obvious, but there are those who are obsessed with the issue of the constancy of publication and regular post, and forget that a blog is one element of the blogosphere, where what matters are the social relations . So his would find topics related blogs to participate in them as anyone else contributing to the point that when we realize that we will end up interested people finding, visiting and perhaps subscribing to our blog.

Participating in contests: Although I have my opinion about them, they are an ideal way for your blog to grow in importance, and give visibility, especially if you have a physical component, a contest, a hangout, or similar or if they are organized by a recognized entity and involving large your topic, and you allow who already follows you, support you, and form a little part of your community, and others still do not know starting to hear about you. even if you do not win. Because if you win you will pass from zero to sixty faster with free advertising.

Be active in social networks: Not worth to you to have your Twitter user and your blog’s Facebook page where you dump all your items as if it were a dunghill, you should also show that you are person, and interact with other users follow you, that you follow and those who do not follow. Because in this way you can grow your fan base and thereby reach wider potential audience.

Going to events: It is not enough to write your blog from your burrow, waiting for the world to recognize you, get out of it and conquer the real world, go to events, meet people, talk to all of your project without shame or hesitation, even become a blog business cards if necessary.

Promotes subscriptions: The subscribed user is the most valuable of the blog, because it is the loyal user, the reader to get many like him, have increasingly seated audience as a solid foundation on which to grow and loyalty to new users . There are many ways to subscribe: via email, highlighting the option in the top of the sidebar, through WordPress itself, or similar or Feedburner or one of his deputies, via feeds through your WordPress JetPack plugin. It is also very interesting to be present in different platforms, such as mobile phones could be, not only adapted the Web version, but with a own app for your blog.

Have you had this happen to you? Have you been able to react in time? Would you add any other options?



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