Twitter will show references to a tweet from blogs

Twitter will show references to a tweet from blogs
Twitter will show references to a tweet from blogs

When blogging began the conversation in social media, one of the key factors that allowed the conversation, or at least greatly facilitated, was the ability to know when in another blog, its author had cited a post from us in your article putting a link which led to it. What we call a reference, so that we learned that we were talking about, or talking about what we had said, and could respond to this post, with another article, or going to comment in the post and continue the conversation from the was said there.

This seems very simple, works thanks to the pingback and trackback. When you publish a post on our blog ping servers receiving the item, collect all links including each post, warning then the referenced blogs have referred them and including them as if it were one more comment, so we can approve and be displayed at the end of the article.

So, if we are in WordPress and we have configured in Settings> Comments, notify and be notified of each reference to occur, although it can be configured independently on a particular post.

Well, from what I read in TicBeat will shortly on Twitter when in an article of ours, instead of referring to another post from another blog, we refer to a tweet, or embedded, this tweet will act similarly, collecting the links that have been mentioned or embedded, so that we can continue the conversation. What’s also interesting, we can understand the reactions out of Twitter, by doing all the same thing.

This step turns Twitter into a star pupil in terms of the conversations that take place on the Internet, returning, in my opinion, a little of what we took to blogs, providing some of the prominence they deserve, but which certainly also will benefit from Twitter itself, because it will make the tweet more complete, providing the proper context and integrated into its environment, as did the blogs.

What made ​​in needed now, is a WordPress plugin to do the reverse, ie containing all the tweets where is mentioned the post, so as to fully connect with Twitter and the conversation that there is created, by the reciprocal relationship.

What do you think? Do not you think this news is really useful and will return the balance back between twitter and blogging?


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