Social Seating in Iberia flights

Social Seating in Iberia flights
Social Seating in Iberia flights

Social networks are already very present in our lives, but are slowly coming out of computers and mobile phones to appear in other places, and their influence and use is increasingly common, but is that all the information you share in these now, used properly, can give us benefits, without them, nor imagined before.

Iberia after the merger with the British airline British Airways, has launched its new website with a modern design and opted for the social, to offer what is known as Social Seating, which is nothing more than allow users traveling alone and wish, choose travel partner in buying the ticket, according to the publicly shared similar tastes in social networks. Thus, and completely optional, if you do not want or rest or work in solitary flight, and you’re more sociable profile, it is intended that you be accompanied with someone who at least share something with you, and so may arise, as concerns, from friendships to professional or business opportunities.

Apparently, the social seating is also trending technological service already offered by the company KLM (Meet & Seat) or by airBaltic (Seatbuddy) through satisfly company, as well as Malaysia Airlines, or even ticketing companies for events music or sports that require seats, as is the case Tickmaster company. Here you have a demos of: SocialID so you can see how it works.

This certainly is a benefit of the many that we have to share publicly and put into use of personal information. I personally start conversations without problems, so far I have not needed to know that my companion shared interests prior to the flight, in order to maintain conversation on trains or flights to travel alone, but certainly a help never hurts. Do not you think? How about being able to use on your next flight or train trip?


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