Cuzz the app icon-based messaging

Cuzz the app icon-based messaging
Cuzz the app icon-based messaging

With so many mobile instant messaging apps, and Whatsapp to head in a way as outdone, it is difficult to distinguish yourself from other really offering something different. For users also seem all about the same, and not easy to try alternatives if we see not provide a differential value. But apparently there is still ground for different things, as is the case with Cuzz, the instant messaging app icon-based.

And the novelty of this curious app, is to save text using icons to tell, but not the typical emoticons, which played a role, but expressions phrases, onomatopoeia, expressions of famous, internet memes, and everything what part of popular culture and informal everyday language in a fresh form of visual communication. Moreover, if in any case do not understand the picture, watching your back find its meaning.

The truth is that I think Cuzz is a major change in the landscape, as it was the introduction of emoticons in IM, that somehow we as simple and intuitive to do more entertaining power communication and introducing thousands full meaning of symbols, much like oriental languages​​. This time, taking a new leap, making visual and instant communication, the same thing.

In Cuzz, initial icons have been created by a known designers, and are very current, fun and fresh, but best of all, where I think they have the coup de grace the app, and also unlike Line for example, is in the fact that not only have predefined icon sets, but all you and I can also create our own expressions or phrases and uploading them to use them privately just us, or public to share with everyone, and thus become true visual icons of the new digital culture, because they can be rated and there is a ranking of the top rated and used the trending so we’ll see icons, much like Twitter, but with visual concepts.

I think this project succeeds because adequately playing various current trends:

Visual: Transforms instant communication, in Visual Communication, and that is something that is increasingly common and defendant, because too much text bored and on the other hand the video succeeds, and its consumption increases in different areas and applications.

DIY (Do IT Yourself): This manual handmade by ourselves, customizing our world to make it our is more fashionable than ever and here until our daily messages may be more ours and to make them part of our identity and expression.

UGC (User Generated Content): Users love to be participants in the creative process of bringing our own, and leave us Cuzz not only use but provide precooked icons which we and all the ingenuity that characterizes us we are able to provide.

Community: About the icons as content, they form a community participating, uploading their creations, voting those of others, and share their tastes, seeing that they are not alone in the app, and belong to a large set of people who shared interests or taste or rejection of something in common.

Social Tribes: Related to the above, today we broke or get together with people of our social tribe, either by the music we hear, lifestyle, career interests, and the app through visual icons can do in a very natural way.

Memes: Although involving a simplification of communication and some would say a loss of the richness of language, common phrase, and expressions popular memes on the Internet and in today’s culture is increasingly a space in apps like Cuzz or Facebook, we like more or less, succeed because they filled with humor sometimes in code, that like a lot who understands, and that has its attraction.

Despite being free, I see a great business model with the sale icons, Tumblr style themes or applications, which can be free to purchase virtual goods low cost prices.

Do you like the concept? Think you succeed right away? or proposed change, it cost you to assimilate people a little? As with Twitter initially with its limitation of 140 characters.



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