How branding campaigns work for brand recall

How branding campaigns work for brand recall
How branding campaigns work for brand recall

Branding encompasses many strategies and actions, but one in particular is very important. When you’ve defined your brand and the values ​​you want to convey with your brand, the image on each of the issues surrounding it, and the actions taken, not over work there. Because brands of a product there insn’t only one, and if we once made ​​the effort to build and establish a brand, not continued, tend to disappear.

Brands have always competition, with few exceptions and for a short period of time, even to be a distinctive mark, that leaves a mark, or that generates passion, by their consumers. There comes a time when for other brands that are very clear that the continued presence is essential, they encroaches their territory and the company do not brand recall actions, practically disappear from the minds of consumers.

Although some bothered by branding campaign concept, as if it were throwing money, made ​​daily and are still having results. Because as consumers we have many things to remember, and therefore an admittedly limited mental space to remember brands, so if we do not help our potential customers to be reminded, not go into the podium of the brands that are present. Consequently when the customer has a need, or seek your brand, or do anything to acquire it, or worse, yes he will to buy a product that you sell, but will buy your competition. Concretely to the brand who cared to keep in mind his top 3.

A nearby example, could be the mayonnaise brand Ybarra, who recently launched a branding campaign brand recall, simple, but effective, so that when I went shopping, I’m loving that mayonnaise .. suddenly came to mind the announcement of Ybarra, leaning towards that mark. Just because I saw differently, although it was always in the same place, but this time was different, besides the supermarket shelves was among my top 3 having moved to another brand, which coincidentally now no longer remember. . curious how we act right?

This simple example can be applied to many other brands, not only for food, clothing or consumption but online services or stores, or whatever comes to mind, because if we review a product category that we bought, probably more once we changed brands, but often consciously or unconsciously moved we did because we just saw that brand somewhere and have refreshed us in our top 3. But, think about it and tell me.

Are you aware of the need for brand recall with branding campaigns? Have you been recalled recently and also remember some specific brand?


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