The Day that Google Reader die

The Day that Google Reader die
The Day that Google Reader die

If we now put in the search “google reader“, still appears the link to its site, but it may be the only thing left of the trail. And although we regret from 9am today, Spanish time, all you see when entering your page is what you can see above, a message announcing his death.

Despite the criticisms of the general and specific anger of heavy-users, visible in the more than 2mil post comments where it was announced, the company has once again turned a deaf ear to everything and everyone, because although they intend apparently modern and social with G+, I think, really have not too clear this social media, that markets are conversations .., what to listen to your users, especially experts, etc etc. Or maybe they thought it was better to just respond to corporate interests, as usual, but on the way to destroy the confidence of his most faithful followers, who left all his innocence in his hands.

From the March 13 announced that until today, I have heard and read all sorts of criticism about it, and it is clear to me is that this has been a milestone in the company with a before and after, especially on trust many faithful blind it had advanced users. But this will not be an end nor was that of Microsoft or others to go to the dark side deliberately, because much traction, it is much more difficult than a crisis of this type will affect only superficially. Is curious, but whether the same would have happened a few years ago might have had more impact and direct consequences, now and at this point very well have been bypassed.

What bothered most users, I think it has been that it has seen that has tried to shoehorn a social network, you do not like, or work, or alternatives to the feed reader in more magazine-style readers visual, but in reality, the functions of a reader that allows you to read all of a source or at least know that you have read and what not, and bring greater scrutiny of the content we consume, not a replacement out of a reader feed. Reader If not, is another, because the need is there and someone will finish covering.

Conclude by saying that the world does not end here and that if any former user straggler had not yet taken action on the matter, I leave a few alternatives to Google Reader and to know that you can still get all the info from Takeout up the 15th of this month of July.

Which alternative do you choose to read your feeds? What do you think is the most highlight about it? And as Google have you lost all innocence and trust you had, or are you believing you this the Do not be evil?


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