Tumblr for brands

Tumblr for brands
Tumblr for brands

I’ve written here on the blog on Tumblr sometimes, but today I want to highlight the interest aroused in companies, in addition to its corporate blog, or instead of this, brands create their blog on Tumblr. Although, those who follow the blog already know that I’m a fan of WordPress, I can not say I’ve resisted the temptation to try it and for a while I also created an account, and I have there my space on little things that I like especially quotes that I find.

Among the features that makes Tumblr like to brands and companies, is the contact with his large audience, generating content right where they are every day, which as I said, WordPress.com has tried to copy in your home part of community and its own reader, quite successfully. And unlike other noisier networks, such as Twitter or Facebook, Tumblr has a user profile well suited for certain types of niche products.

Moreover, Tumblr being a blog, or rather a tumblelog, we can see that is different from a wordpress or blogger. Perhaps in some ways more similar to twitter or facebook in some social aspects. I leave the original definition, but in reality this is highly variable, and not always true ..:

A tumblelog or tlog is a less structured version of a blog closely linked to microblogging. Contain random thoughts, links, images and other content without a defined theme except the fact that it is made ​​by the same author.

The impressive list of some of the brands that are already on Tumblr:

Some companies under their own brand as a user of Tumblr, and therefore within the generic domain subdomain: thebrand.tumblr.com. Other perhaps because the name was already taken, use a variation of the name, sometimes with the name of a campaign. There are some who use their own domain and pointing to a subdomain for tumblr within it, the bog: tumblr.thebrand.com.

Each focuses on it in one way, some like a little extra repository, others as a normal blog, there are those who uses it to make more use branded content and curious. What is clear is that it has potential, and to take advantage, otherwise these companies would not be on Tumblr.

What about your brand already has an account on Tumblr and still is thinking? How do you think you could approach you if you create one? What do you think may be most interesting to get?


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