How to decide the ideal frequency of your blog posting

How to decide the ideal frequency of your blog posting
How to decide the ideal frequency of your blog posting

If you have a blog and you put it seriously, you already know that one of the key points for success and be recognized acquiring some relevance in your area, is the frequency of publication of the articles.

Because if you write once a month, you’ll have a chance to do a post monthly absolutely amazing, emotional, useful, interesting and original, that like everyone, and to overturn on it entirely and diffusion, making thousands and thousands of retweets, favorites on Twitter, and I like and share on Facebook.

But as I think you caught the sarcasm and irony of the above, you may have noticed that’s not going to happen, or at least is quite unlikely to occur very often, if not almost never, with few exceptions in which align the stars, we are inspired and we hit also with the theme and finally the audience responds positively recognizing also.

Therefore, to increase the chances of success, a simple strategy is to increase the update frequency, so we get more opportunities to hit, and take the jackpot more often.

The problem comes when we must decide what is the right frequency. Moving from monthly to weekly, looks like a good start, in fact, I know blogs, publishing articles twice a week carefully crafted, useful and interesting, which add much, have carved a niche, but back to the same, not everyone has this gift and remains difficult.

Instead there is that neither publishing daily or several times a day is able to get attention or recognition of their audience. Because the quality of its contents are neither interesting nor engage your readers. But practice makes perfect and one of the best ways to improve your blog writing is certainly a lot.

So I think you could argue that there is no ideal frequency for all, whether daily, monthly, weekly, depends on the moment, each day more frequently is required, the time you have for the blog, of the goals you’ve set, and the ability you have to write compelling content.

In addition, we must add, that today, in terms of social networks and search engines, is bonus novelty and more updates better position and attention, without forgetting the quality. And I do not know if this will limit this maelstrom, or some rate we are going ended up publishing millions of articles per second .., the truth is that it is a reality to be taken into account.

How often do you publish and why? Are you thinking of changing the rhythm of updates from your blog? What motivates you to do?


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