The brand consistency in marketing

The brand consistency in marketing
The brand consistency in marketing

In marketing, one of the key points in creating brand and seat it is to be true to yourself, no matter whether business or personal brand. Consistency is what makes a brand is established and will endure over time. Because who knows you and likes you as you are, remain true to yourself, and it can grow with him. And who does not like you, you will reverse branding, positioning yourself for whom free if she likes you the way you are, but coincidentally does not know you yet.

Every brand when it is born, voluntarily or involuntarily, transmits a series of impressions first glance, they leave a message between the lines and defines eyes who sees, so that positions.

A simple example of this would be when we see someone for the first time, and gives us a particular impression, even without knowing it. This is brand image, whether positive or negative, but it has provided a series of information and values, which besides being correct, are likely to be with us to remain with that person until proven otherwise.

So likewise, when once generated a positive first impression, or at least show us the line that we want, we must maintain that consistency and values ​​forever, and not let up at any time, because the inconsistency in branding is one of the most considered by consumers, which can further damage a brand.

If a brand is made known by the social commitment, ethics and solidarity, or at least he pretends, you can not never acts contrary to these principles, it will pay a high price in its brand reputation.

If a brand is positioned for luxury, with a touch of frivolity, glamor, exclusivity, and so on. It should not waver or show not only on their messages but also in his actions anything that goes in the opposite direction himself.

And especially today, where information flows and everything is known, social networks leave no secrets but do not want to, do not decide it, brands should understand that if something does not want it known, do not directly do, because if you do, it probably will come a day that comes to light and will turn to you.

Therefore, not only must try transmit a right first impression with what we want to collect, but we should try to maintain that impression fixed in time, being consistent with our message and each of our daily actions, thus, not only get to keep the loyalty of our customers, but to grow with new we conquer our being genuine.

Do you know brands that have been inconsistent? What made ​​you feel? Do you recognize yourself in the article and you like any brand very faithful to his principles? Are you trying to practice brand consistency in your personal brand?



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