Today is the launch of AdLemons Mobile

Today is the launch of AdLemons Mobile
Today is the launch of AdLemons Mobile

Some say that the things that are worthwhile, often made to wait, and I think this has happened with mobile bet AdLemons. A proposal that we came up some time ago, and at first was a little crazy when propose. The idea was that:

Every blog deserves its app.

And gradually overcoming the difficulties and overcoming the challenges encountered, we managed to turn it into a reality. So from today you can download the first three apps created by AdLemons Mobile of 3 most relevant blogs on the Spanish scene such as:

The initiative allows most influential blogs have their free app, or else to get it for a very affordable cost as you can see in Plans. In one of the points we have worked, has been on making efficient application process, preparation of requirements, and development, optimizing the entire chain of actions, resulting in a time and cost more optimal final, almost record.

As we worked on this, along with our friends Develapps team: Juan, Dani, Mari and the others that from here I want to personally thank their involvement, we begin to see that the idea even with its challenges and hot spots, it was so far fetched.

Since smartphones emerged, each day more sense that you could enjoy your top blogs on mobile with a native app and customized. At first started offering the newspaper mastheads apps, but as each day we are all more on mobile, before or after the time had to come when blogs have an app from which you read so adapted to its peculiarities, exploit its native capabilities.

With AdLemons Mobile, from AdLemons advertising marketplace offer our exclusive advertisers premium inventory blogs in thematic niches that allow better segmentation and absolute prominence. I also want to highlight the mobile developer program and has open enrollment to become: AdLemons Mobile Developer Partner.

And little more to add, we have in developing as many interesting apps. As well as the Android version of the apps, which will be shortly.

Do you already downloaded the apps? What is it that you like? What blogs I like to have the app?

UPDATE: Other articles also talking about it.



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