The new Instagram video and the differences with Vine

The new Instagram video and the differences with Vine
The new Instagram video and the differences with Vine

Facebook does not let us stop with so much new. If this past week we talked about the new Facebook hashtags, and Parse. Instragram Now, the network of snapshots with filters that Facebook bought last year, brings another new embedding video.

Some say, as from Hootsuite, that in response to the purchase of Vine by Twitter, the micro-video network of six seconds. And maybe not go with the assumption misguided. Because even though Facebook and upload videos longer allowed, and both networks every day seems to be closer integration. Actually positioning Facebook and Instagram is very different. Perhaps one is more for desktop use and mobile products that take just not work at all, and instead Instagram, is totally mobile native. Hence it may make sense to offer video to compete with Twitter Vine, also with some subtle differences.

Differences between Vine and Instagram video:

  • Length: Vine are videos up to 6 sec., Video Instagram allows 15s.
  • Repeat: At the end of the video came comes on to infinite loop repeating animated GIF mode. In Instagram Video video at the end stops.
  • Quality: In Vine normal quality in video Instagram incorporates an image stabilizer.
  • Edition: In Vine, you can only record and delete the entire video, nothing more. In video Instagram can record video in fragments as Vine, but then you can delete you recorded sequentially in, undoing the last thing added.

I leave the video presentation.

Of course, although I am not a strong advocate to change things that work, and Instagram what worked so far very well, was photos with filters easy to apply. This movement I can not help remind me to integrate videos on Flickr, which in turn caused a stir and some criticism among fans. But I can also understand the need for Zuckerberg to offer an alternative to Vine quickly, following the same philosophy Instagram always get professional results with easy enhancement filters, as in this case the video stabilizer.

Do you like this new feature? Did you already you tried it? Will you prefer to Vine?

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