The consequences of buying fans and followers

The consequences of buying fans and followers
The consequences of buying fans and followers

On the Internet, as elsewhere, when something is successful, surprisingly always go the ways of trying to achieve the same, but the easy way. But this way, unlike optimizing resources to do it right and improving performance within reason obviously has its undeniable consequences.

Since companies have carved a niche in social networks, one of its objectives in these environments has always been: to reach many people as possible, for using the content that their users are interested in and the conversation we have with them to pass on the message, which we call get engagement.

But at the sector level, sometimes this translates to: Figures for the customer, for superior or for competition, and numbers alone can seem very cold if not taken into account that in reality when it comes to fans or followers are talking about people who sympathize with the brand and/or its products or services, the followers of his philosophy or way of understanding the world, or incodicionales fans (at least), but not are only a number, always something more.

At present, no one is aware that there are options to buy Facebook fans and followers on Twitter, that more than one who works it from scratch, you might be surprised and blush, but are never a valid option, more you to go back in our goal, fooling the customer, or directly to us.

You must bear in mind that if you buy fans, you’re not buying people interested in the brand, but, invented users created just for that, where users do not even know where is your brand and that it serves, temporary users more later be deleted, users who follow you in return for follow them and then cease to follow, and ultimately users interaction or activity will not bring your community, and if they did, never added benefits to the company, they will not be it never potential buyers, let alone brand specifiers.

When you hold a proper social media strategy, and continuously try engage your audience based on content of interest to them, being in line with them, your growth will be organic. Your followers, in addition to be real, and to interact and share content, which is the key to all this, be extremely segmented by interest that unites you, and will be completely your target, because each of them I’ve worked and convinced from scratch, deservedly.

In consequence of the above, if your SM strategy fans consider buying, what will happen is that if you get the figures proposed miraculously followers, in no way will achieve the results in ROI, ROI and when I say I mean profitability, because never an inflated number of useless followers will bring absolutely nothing to the business. As much as you are detected and closed the account, or directly out of the day in the morning, staying just before purchase.

Therefore, it is not at all recommended this practice, because it’s like inflating the number of page views of the control panel site statistics, to look better, you’d be cheating solitaire.

Do you know many cases of these? Have you seen cases near dramatic consequences?


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