Toyota bets on common sense

Toyota bets on common sense
Toyota bets on common sense

In the few times I watch TV, when it arrives the commercial break, instead of zapping sometimes I like to stop and see the ads as if instead of advertising content were a short film or something similar. Must be professional deformation, do not know .. And really, once surprised me, as with ING Direct’s ad that sponsor think as I wrote here. On this occasion it was Toyota, which with a series of ads has taken my attention and have a special different touch.

In them, use a very current humor with his component absurd in everyday scenes, and some not so like the fires of Jose Manuel, with a call to common sense which I think is something that in these times we live in, all we use, and we present as a rising value. So the spot gets align you with the brand, and then talk to the car at the last moment, even in passing. And you keep that Toyota is committed to the reasonableness and common sense, which at this point may be one of the safest values ​​to associate a brand, and even more so when it comes accompanied by a promotion in line, come with a price tight and if you add one euro you can take it fully equipped. I leave the video in case you have not seen it, to see if you like as me.



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