5 thoughts on “Reasons to create an account on WordPress.com

  1. I’m self-hosted at news.dethronethebanksters.com and have the latest version of Jetpack to connect me to WordPress.com — but it seems that I’m unable to be reblogged or seen by the community 😦 Do you know if it’s possible to still be in the WordPress.com Community i.e. being re-blogged and commented on within WordPress.com community, if you are self-hosted?

    If not maybe I’ll create a second blog on WordPress.com and simply re-blog news.dethronethebanksters.com but that’s pretty cumbersome 😦 Good article thank you

    1. Just remembered I already have a wordpress blog at dethronethebanksters.wordpress.com so I guess I already have it setup to re-blog my self-hosted news.dethronethebanksters.com — but still would rather avoid the workaround lol

      1. Final note (talking to myself here haha) I can see both my WordPress.com blog, as well as the news.dethronethebanksters.com self-hosted blog, when I’m signed-in to my wordpress.com account LuciferBernanke —- so they’re already connected! But I still don’t think it’s possible to reblog my self-hosted news blog :/

  2. Hi LuciferBernanke, re-blogged option is only for wordpress.com blogs. On WordPress.com blog you can reblog post from WordPress.com and WordPress self-hosted, but can’t re-blog on a self-hosted WordPress. 😉


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