Facebook Parse reaches the 100,000 applications

Facebook Parse reaches the 100,000 applications
Facebook Parse reaches the 100,000 applications

Surely can criticize many things to Facebook, but what is certain is that continues to evolve and work to continually improve, and certainly does not stop growing point in the right direction.

On April 25 of this 2013, since its official developers blog Facebook announced the acquisition of Parse an enterprise of cloud services for mobile applications, though admittedly without much media coverage.

Well, last Thursday from Parse, announced that in the last month had grown more than in all his years of life, having reached the 100 000 applications using the service, including well-known games and applications as the design consultancy IDEO and other brands.

For who do not know, Parse is a backend for mobile apps in the cloud, meaning you can after entering a mobile library (SDK) on your app, enjoy a complete set of services including:

  • Integration with social networks regardless of the mobile platform you use.
  • Push notifications to manage real-time notices of apps, with analytical.
  • Storing app data from user ratings downloads, profile data, status, etc..
  • Hosting of landing pages for apps with custom domain and statistics.
  • Coding of the apps directly in the cloud.

From my point of view and seen with hardly a few months in perspective, it was a tremendous move by Facebook, in which is positioned closer to the apps, developers, and all the new mobile environment in a privileged way, entering the heart of the applications, which will shortly be equivalent to what they were web pages so far.

Between Facebook plans obviously is not just grow its advertising revenues in its own social network, which is one of its main sources today, but expand its scope and to do so in third party sites and apps, so he created his FBX ad exchange.

And what better than a simple acquisition to start taking advantage of the future in the new scenario. That it being present and being part of the same applications as essential and inseparable partner. No doubt we will soon see Parse monetization provide advertising services through FBX, and thus adding to inventory all these apps available for Facebook. And that thought ahead tomorrow, often have prize.

How do you see? Do you think it may have been a good move? Do you see Facebook positioned in mobile with actions like these?

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