Tuenti ZEROLÍMITES a smart strategic bet

Tuenti ZEROLÍMITES a smart strategic bet
Tuenti ZEROLÍMITES a smart strategic bet

Reading the article on TodoStartups by Pablo Martinez, I very much agree with him that the new promo Tuenti ZEROLÍMITES (Zero limits in English) is a good bet.

As an introduction, commenting that Tuenti is one of the largest Spanish social networking, but most. Specializing in the niche youth, with around 15 million registered users and about 10 million active users who spend a 100min/day. After being acquired by Telefónica telephone operator in a natural evolutionary step from the social network to take advantage of your new reality, launched its own mobile virtual network operator: Tuenti Móvil, with an innovative offer, as I said here, that has made great joys. I myself am a customer on the recommendation of Javier Megías.

And frankly, that if at that time I found successful movement, in this case it seems to me even more, because ZERLOLÍMITES are giving a clear message to its users, that if they make a combined use of the social network on mobile and your mobile operator, everything will be advantages, combining your goals with the needs of their customers.

Basically, with this proposal, offer to put aside their own consumption mobile app, which allows instant messaging and calling via voip, and do not consider this consumer spending data, so you can communicate both in writing and by phone calls through your messaging application at no cost.

This perhaps may sound crazy enterprise level because basic communication services becomes comodity, if you think about it, may have more benefits than disadvantages to Tuenti.

And, although no income receive such basic communications are a future investment for the company, because on one hand encourages users who used social network so far only from the computer for free, to download the app on your mobile, if you have not already installed, and incidentally to pay at least the base fee of € 6 / month for 1GB of Internet. Very reasonable figure for Internet access that capability, plus calls and gift messaging are the most essential part of communications without cost.

This renders increase mobile app downloads, free users to web service, come to pay a monthly fee combining two services providing a single source: Tuenti, and that these users also have more motivation to use the app Tuenti, for the cost factor, rather than for example any of the apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, Line or the like.

I can only doubt, and is the overall look is great at strategy and supported by national media campaign timely and viral components, such as post like this, but one of the objectives you need to cover is international expansion and I think that more could be done about it, but I think this line will hit.



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