Environmental factors that influence the spread of a post

Environmental factors that influence the spread of a post
Environmental factors that influence the spread of a post

When writing an article on our blog, it’s because we want to share some information, and it is normal since the share on a blog, we want to reach as many people as possible. But in addition to doing everything in our power in terms of content, focus, structure, title, and other for the post is a success, there are a number of factors beyond our own environment and to consider that may interfere with dissemination.


Date: The day comes to light the post is crucial to your success, but this is complex to optimize, because if when you publish a growing interest in the subject, or is a hot topic of the moment, or are simply related precisely with a very striking story, the article may be part of the buzz, or on the contrary be outdated and lacking relevance to the environment and the space-time variables.

Hour: Continue with negligible time factor, but more accurate. The same article published at 9am, at 11am, at 14h, at 17h or 23h of same day will have a completely different result. And as you already know the importance of this parameter, there are tools that based on the study of the moments most successful of our publications in the past, try to predict these patterns moving them forward, in combination with tweets programming systems, etc. Well, on paper it seems to make sense, in practice it is quite less real, because they assume that because it worked fine last Friday at 12h post, or because last Friday I worked, that due next Friday the same time, I also work equally .. Since it does not have to be the same people connected, or is the same post, nor can we control the remaining simultaneous publications or people posting, it is rather an approximation rather than a reality, but what is certain is that the time of publication, despite being really difficult to predict correctly the outcome matters a lot.


Number: Not the same have 2 followers, who have 200, that 20,000, as is evident greater number of followers, the more likely that one is connected at the time, also like what you say, and that ultimately creates worth enough for more people to discover and be encouraged to share, or show that public likes.

Engagement: But it’s not just a matter of numbers, also affects the type of initial followers, without which begin to follow are good friends because we like them, probably spread if they give us without doing much effort, but if not have a criteria, may be worse for us because we think we do well always and so like, when in reality that’s not the reason, and let’s not long or cost too much to move from that initial barrier artificially created. On the other hand, if we go by creating a community around common themes with us and so loyal, that is, otherwise you get with the purchase of fans and others .. with time everything will be advantages because not only will have a striking number but also did not stop to grow organically.

Influence: If also, consciously or unconsciously, we got like important and influential people in our industry, with large numbers of followers and with a role of content curator, probably this over time will only add and add exponentially, because by very few that are initially being influential if they like us, and therefore support our posts, with each hit will get multiplied propagation.


Theme: If when writing a post are the one who has written on this theme of original and timely credit for the exclusive probably be rewarded. Otherwise, if you talk in your post one day the same as the rest, may be one among many .. unless even agreeing subject, you know give another approach from a more interesting than most and you may like to stand out from the rest.

Location: Although there are no borders on the Internet, proximity is a factor that is seen in both the language and subtle differences in sympathy as the like, or the rejection of distant or close, but rivals. Therefore we should consider not only thematic expertise but add the key factor location and the scope of their content on our own, because we’ll know if you really have a chance or we can act accordingly in another direction most suitable.

And although these are only a few, but .. Do you think are most important or you could add any that I have missed me? We complete this list?, And incidentally see as mitigated as far as possible?



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